RoR Developer - How to become a RoR Developer?


Ruby on Rails widely known as RoR is the web application network in ruby programming language. They mainly use Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture pattern. RoR programmers and developers role is very important in the web application of RoR programming language.

Qualifying Exam

The candidates need to pass diploma or degree in the in ruby programming language and its application and functions to satisfy the qualification need for RoR Developer. They should be well versed in the techniques and should handle and deal problems related to the programming language.

Who is eligible to apply?

The candidates who are well versed in Ruby on Rails web application are eligible to become RoR Developer. The candidates should be a graduate in Computer Science with immense knowledge in data structures/algorithms are considered eligible. Engineering graduates in computer science with knowledge in RoR software are given preference. The candidates who possess deep knowledge in web services and web development can also become RoR Developer.

Key points in the process

  • Should be a graduate in computer science or IT
  • Should possess deep knowledge in computer software especially in ruby programming language
  • Experience candidates in RoR are preferred.
  • They should be able to understand the program requirement of the customer and act accordingly.
  • Need knowledge in SQL or NoSQL, JSP, JSF, Symphony
  • Should possess knowledge in internet technologies especially in XHTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript

Skills required for a RoR Developer

Candidates who wish to become RoR Developer need to posses certain skills which are necessary to become successful in his careers long run. They should first of all possess deep technical skills along with interest to work in the software field. The main reason why IT and computer science graduates are preferred is because of the technical knowledge they have in using software.

They need to work as a team and should be able to manage stress. They also should have good interpersonal skills along with passion in web designing and development. They should be able to work with ruby programming language and deliver results according to customer requirements. They should have listening skills and should have enough confidence. They should be smart and flexible and need to open their mind to the ideas generated by their team members. They should be creative as well.



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