Portal Developer - How to become a Portal Developer?


The job profile of a Portal developer mainly includes the design, the layout and the code development for launching a new web portal. They are responsible for the visual appearance and the style of a website. They are also responsible for the modifications required of the existing website. The portal developer must have adequate graphical and software skills mainly in areas of HTML, CSS, Flash and Java Script. They develop web portals according the specifications and requirements mentioned by the client. They also deal with the technical problems involved in the proper working of the website. The aspirant should possess adequate education and creative skills to become an efficient Portal developer.

Qualifying Exam

A graduate degree in Computer Science is the basic qualification required to apply for the post of Portal developer. The undergraduate degree in computer science should be pursued either as an Engineering degree or as Bachelor degree course in Science. They must possess adequate skills in graphic design and in popular software packages.

Who are eligible to apply?

Those who have passed 12th class studies from any of the recognized Institution are eligible to apply for the bachelor degree course in Computer Science. They should have passed the 12th class with Science as the main topic of study. After completing graduation in Computer Science, aspirant can join any of the web or portal developing firms.

Key elements in the Process

  • Obtain graduation with Computer Science as the main subject of study
  • Develop adequate skills in graphic design and in software designing tools
  • Apply for the post of portal developer in any of the IT firms offering the same

Skills required for the post of Portal Developer

The portal developer should possess certain additional skills to become proficient in the job. First of all, they should possess adequate technical knowledge in graphics and in necessary software tools. Listening skills are vital in this job, as they have to understand the requirements of their client in proper manner. They should also be creative and imaginative in designing and developing web portals. Good interpersonal skills and ability to adapt with new technologies are often preferred in these professionals. They should also be thorough and confident in their work. People working in developing portal should be aware of international web standards and protocols. Adequate troubleshooting and problem solving skills are also expected from those who are in this profession.



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