BITSAT Eligibility Criteria


BITS Admission Test (BITSAT) is an online test conducted by The Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) for the admission to Integrated First Degree Programs offered at various campuses of BITS. Certain eligibility requirements are specified to apply for this exam. Various integrated first degree programs offered by BITS are given below.

B.E (Hons)

  • Chemical
  • Civil
  • Computer Science
  • Electrical and Electronics
  • Electronics and Instrumentation
  • Mechanical
  • Manufacturing

B.Pharm (Hons)

M.Sc (Hons)

  • Biological Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Economics
  • Mathematics
  • Physics

M.Sc (Tech)

  • General Studies
  • Finance
  • Information Systems

Admission to any of these programs is based on the score obtained in the BITSAT. Exception will be given for the toppers in Board Examination.

Qualifying Examination

Candidates who are applying for BITSAT should pass their plus two examination with the subjects Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Such candidates should also need to obtain minimum seventy five percent marks while combining the marks of the subjects Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Sixty percent marks are also needed for each subject separately. Candidates should have passed the qualifying examination from any recognized central or state board.

Who are eligible to apply?

English proficiency is a must for the candidates who want to apply for the BITSAT. Those who have passed their plus two examination just recently can only apply for the BITSAT. Candidates who are appearing for the final examination of 12th standard can also attend the BITSAT. But they should fulfill the specified eligibility criteria during the admission procedure. Students who are currently pursuing their studies in BITS at any of its campus are not allowed to apply for this exam. Special consideration is given for the candidates who have secured top marks in their Board Examination. Such candidates can seek admission to any integrated first degree program directly without BITSAT score. They should attach the letter from the board which declares them as the topper in the concerned stream while sending the specified documents for the admission. Latest performance of the candidates who have taken more than one attempt in their 12th class examination will be considered for the admission to any integrated first degree program offered at BITS. If two or more candidates have obtained same BITSAT score, then their marks in Mathematics will be considered for admission. If they obtain same score again then marks of Physics will be considered. Again their marks obtained in Chemistry will be considered to eliminate further tie. Marks of the qualifying examination will be considered if all these considerations are not enough to make any decision.



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33 Responses to “BITSAT Eligibility Criteria”

  1. 33

    i have scored 68% in pcm but attain 71.6 %marks in my 12th ,can i apply for bitsat 2014

  2. 32
    meghanadh mithra:

    what books are required for getting rank in bitsat?

  3. 31
    Meghna krishna g pillai:

    Respected sir, i have attended bitsat 2013.i would like to know whether i should enter my plus 2 pcm marks.if yes how can i enter them?sir pls reply

  4. 30

    will they even add practical marks ……… total % more than 80 % but my physics marks r less than 60 % without practical marks …..will i be eligible to the test

  5. 29
    Prithvi KC:

    i have a maths 2a score of 75/75 ,2b score of 40/75, phy score of 53/60 and chemistry score of 60/60. Am i eligible for BITSAT 2013 since my 2b score is very less?

  6. 28
    khushi shrivastava:

    if i get less than 60% in maths indivisually but had a good score in bitsat also a good score in boards of 82% overall then is there any way that i would be eligible for the exam?
    kindly inform immidiately.

  7. 27

    if i get below 60% in maths,physics,chemistry and less than 75% by combining all the three.but if i score 370 out of 450 in bits entrance exam,is there any chance to get the seat in bits.
    please kindly inform me,immediately.

  8. 26

    Sir ihave got 72% in 12th board cbse and having more than 60% indivudually in PCM can i apply for BITSAT 2013.

  9. 25

    Sir,i have passed my 10th exam in 2010 and i am appearing for 12th in i eligible for BITSAT?please help me sir

  10. 24

    i have appearred for all improvement exams but did not appear for prachticals am i eligible for bits2013?

  11. 23

    i am eligible for bitsat if i have written improvement

  12. 22

    i have written betterment in 11th .am i eligible for bitsat

  13. 21

    Dear sir,
    Ipassed 12th in 20121. I appeared for bitsat 2012.I got 276 marks.I want to appear for bitsat 2013.Am i eligible to appear? sir please reply.

  14. 20
    Rohan Ghosh:

    Sir, can you give me some names of best colleges which gives admission on the basis of 12th board marks? Also, please help me with some suggestions for cracking BITSAT 2013.
    Thank you……..

  15. 19

    respected sir, i got 96.6% in ipe still i wrote physics betterment. am i eligible for bitsat.sir,please reply me on this email id [email protected]. sir please reply.iam in critical condition.

  16. 18

    i have secured 83 in chemistry; 79 in physics; bt 53 in maths. overall percentage is 77.6%. is i am eligible for bitsat exam….??????

  17. 17

    dear sir,
    i have written physics betterment exam which was conducted by AP state board.Am i eligible to give bitsat exam?

  18. 16

    Dear sir.I have written physics improvement on 16-05-2012. Now am i eligible for bitsat

  19. 15

    I have completed my intermediate second year. I got 95.4% in ipe .i got 60 marks in there any chance to write there any way to get seat.please send me a replay to my email adress:[email protected]

  20. 14

    am i eligible to write exam if i write the betterment exams which have been offered to us by A.P board

  21. 13

    My son has already passed 12th with good marks and he is very much eligible for bitsat for this marks. But he has applied for improvement exam in physics.

    My query is

    Is he now eligible for BITSAT exam. Of yes, O.K.
    Else, though he has applied for improvement, if he will not write the exam, will he become eligible for BITSAT.

    Kindly help. based on your answer, he will act.

  22. 12
    kali charan:

    I have passed intermediate 2year with very good score.
    but i have applied for betterment in physics and english.
    Am i eligible for bits i write…
    Now if i don’t write betterment exams after applying for it,
    am i eligible?
    please reply at the earliest…

  23. 11
    p mounika:

    Ap improvement students means already passed in inter are eligible for bit sat ?

  24. 10

    i got 83% in intermediate of ap ,they have given chance to improve the marks ,if i write this exams can i eligeble to the bitsat

  25. 9

    i have already passed 12th with good marks and i am eligible for bitsat for this marks. But i have applied for improvement exam with knowing this criteria. Am i eligible for bitsat if i dont write these improvement exams? Please reply for this question.

  26. 8

    sir, my marks satisfy the eligibility crietiria forBITSAT. Will attempting improvement in Phy, che disqualify for admission

  27. 7
    Siddesh Sharma:

    hello sir, if i write improvement exam will my improvement marks will be considered for BITS admission

  28. 6

    am i eligible to write exam if i write the betterment exams which have been offered to us by A.P board

  29. 5

    Dear Sir,

    My son has passed the Intermediate Exam conducted by the AP state board. He has secured 93.5% overall and a group (MPC) percentage of 95%. This year, unlike the previous years the state government has approved for students to go for betterment. He is planning to improve his marks in Physics and intends to go for betterment, exam scheduled 16 May 12.

    2. Does this in any way make him in-eligible for BITSAT-2012?

    3. Pse clarify immediately as today is the last day to cancel the betterment application. You could call me up on 085002 88396.

    Commander D Ravi Kumar
    S/O DVS Siddharth

  30. 4

    plz tell me if my child is eligible for bitsat if she writes an improvement from AP intermediate board?

  31. 3
    bhavana lakhinena:

    hello sir, plz clarify whether i am eligible for admission into BITS?
    i have secured physics-(36/60),chemistry-(48/60),maths-(135/150) in second year intermediate in ANDHRA PRADESH. I HAVE SECURED (263/270) in intermediate first year.this year A.P intermediate board has given permission to write improvements in all subjects..i am appearing for improvents in pcm subjects in second year.their result will be declared before june 15th-2012..will i be eligible for attempting bitsat-2012 if i appear for improvements….plz reply me soon….sir plzzzz

  32. 2

    if my child writes betterment is he elegible for bits entrance

  33. 1

    highness!do v have any reservations in bitsat?