Career after B.A.M.S


Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery is an integration of traditional ayurveda with current medicine. It is a medical degree awarded by several universities in India. After the graduation in BAMS, candidates can register in the Ayurveda boards controlled by the Central or State government. The registered candidates are qualified to work under any Ayurveda Medical services anywhere in the nation.

There are several other choices after the graduation in this division of study. The clinical research is a rising field and therefore many job opportunities are coming up in that area. Many foreign pharmaceutical laboratories are interested to carry out clinical research activities in India. This will open career avenues for many graduates in the country.

Career in Private sector after B.A.M.S

BAMS degree holders can find employment in copious private sectors. They can work under several administrative departments of well-reputed industries. An additional degree in management with this graduation provides many opportunities in different industries. Some of them are like Lupine, Dabur, etc. Another alternative for these graduates is to go for industry research. After the program, aspirants can open their own retail shop of Ayurveda medicines.

Some of the career options after BAMS are in

  • Ayurvedical Private Medical colleges
  • Healthcare IT
  • Insurance
  • Life sciences Industry
  • Medical Tourism
  • Pancha Karma Centers
  • Pharma industry
  • Private Practice
  • Research Laboratories

Government Career after B.A.M.S

These degree holders can search jobs in the public sector departments also. Many government hospitals, pharmaceutical labs, colleges, etc. recruit the BAMS graduates. Those who have studied this graduation can make a career in the public sector organizations such as Clinical trials, healthcare community, Educational institutions, and as duty doctors in hospitals. They have opportunities to work with NGOs and many global agencies like WHO also. Some of the government sector jobs are as follows

  • Pharmacist at Government Ayurveda Dispensaries (GAD) & Hospitals
  • Teaching in Government colleges and Ayurveda Institutes after doing B.A.M.S

Career Abroad after B.A.M.S

There are bright career chances for the BAMS graduates abroad particularly in the medical tourism field. Reputation of Ayurveda is on a rise in countries like US. Many recognized pharmaceutical laboratories provide research in this field. The rising healthcare sectors in different countries offer many job opportunities for these graduates. An extra eligibility in management field like MBA with the BAMS provides great job opportunities in foreign countries.

Long-term Career roadmap for B.A.M.S Graduates

Today many Ayurvedic Pharmacies are coming up & there is a rise in trend for herbal products universally. In fact, it is one of the latest fields with a vast market potential & that is why Indian Government is focusing on developing this area. This is mainly focusing on foreign exchange. Qualified persons are less in this field both in Public & Private sectors. Hence a need was felt to expand a work force focused in Ayurvedic Manufacturing &/dispensing. Moreover, self-employment is the requirement of the hour & that is why professional programs are in demand.



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    Not Interested:

    There is no good scope after BAMS. Now keep fooling people after doing it for the rest of the life with JADI BOOTI.

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    Dear sir/madam,
    I would like to know the opportunity afterBAMS apart from doing MD.

  3. 27

    hi i am rajat i complete 12th in medical strem i want make carrear in bams what can i do for this

  4. 26

    if i do B.A.M.S how much salary i can get in private job or in govt. job? please reply me

  5. 25

    Hello sir I done BAMS and doing job in private hospital but I am not Satisfied in this job and in this career I like to do any thing Creative can you plz help me out which is related with medical field or not related with this field but short term and give me satisfaction and also well money.

  6. 24
    Shubham sharma:

    When are Entranc exam test 2013 and how many seats availabel in RPAT.

  7. 23

    i had completed bams . is there any chance to do diploma in childrens specialist, if possible kindly inform me.

  8. 22

    Kya bams karne ke baad ms kar sakte hai
    uske baad surgery kar sakte hai ya nahi

  9. 21
    Rajdeep singh:

    Me 2nd time aipmt exam dene wala hu aur me boht tenssion me hu ke mbbs me boht compitision hai agar mera is baar bhi selection nhi hota hai toh me aur kis field me career bana sakta hu.aur mujhe medical field se jude aur exams ke baare me bhi btaye.

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    Dr.meera ghadage:

    hi, I am BAMS, having 8 years experience as , medical officer ( sanecare madhavbaug) & general physician .I am also doing preparation for MPSC.Can you tell me , is there any vacancies for BAMS doctor in government service ? please help me I am searching job .

  11. 19
    dr k , tiwari:

    plz sir tell me about new ayurveda p.g. diploma such as DGO, DO. DCH. etc or thair is any way to convert modern medicine practice or othere offer in clinical practice

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    Amit kumar:

    what is bams saliary pakeg&scop

  13. 17
    Dr Samir:


    Can you please tell me about clinical research after BAMS.
    Where can i find information on openings in this field ?

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    Bader unnisa:

    clinical research courses after b.a.m.s

  15. 15
    Pathan Aasiya:

    I am studing in 2nd yr BAMS in Pune.want to do DGO after graduation.But I have overheard that we cant do surgeries nor we can do simple operations related to gynac. Is it so??
    Then what next after bams?

  16. 14

    i give just 12th exams i m intrested in aurvadic line like bams what i do 4 join a bams college what is the prosses for addmission my result is not come yet is i can do regestration for bams what i do for that

  17. 13
    Deep S Patil:

    My Daughter is studing in BAMS this Year in Karnataka, (HUBLI - Dharwad) May Please guide Us What Next after the course and/or any any short term courses in line with the present course during this tenure.

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    is there requriment as M.O.(BAMS) in goverment service at pune? plz mail me.

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    i graduated (B.A.M.S) IN 2000.I have been doing private practice since then.I have good clientage . I want to know if (B.A.M.S) degree is valid in common wealth nations and if i can find a job or practice their?

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    I am BAMS and MBA want to do a fabulous career. what can i do for that………

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    which is best bams college

  22. 8
    Vicky singh:

    What are the books should study for B..A.M.S course ?

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    dr rajendra:

    my son is final BAMS what will his future !

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    Sir i m 2nd yr bams student and want to know the carries options in research field after bams

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    Dr. Bhoomika
    i have completed my bams i want do few courses will u plz give me details and also i belong to VARANASI i want to do some diploma in dgo like don dgo is it valid here if so suggest me collages fee place duration of courses month and year of admission

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    Dr. Varsha:

    If there is vacancy fr govt job in mahashtra after BAMS, pls reply me.

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    i have completed my bams i want do few courses will u plz give me details and also i belong to karnataka i want to do dgo is it valid here if so suggest me collages fee place duration of courses month and year of admission

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    i want to open my ayurveda college,than what can i do

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    Dr amullya baishya:

    i am ayurvedic graduate i want to know about the study option after this course