Career Opportunities after M.Sc in Biotechnology


Junior Research Fellow, Senior Research Fellow, Research Assistant, Project Assistant, etc are some of the job profiles which are availabe for M.Sc in Biotechnology graduates in public sector. Such job opportunities exist in firms like National Botanical Institute, National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health, National Institute of Occupational Health, and Centre for Treatment Research and Education in Cancer. Job positions also exist in private sector firms like Cliantha Research Limited, Bincon India Limited, Cadila Pharmaceuticals, and Hysel India Private Ltd.

Public Sector Jobs after M.Sc in Biotechnology

M.Sc in Biotechnology graduates interested in research can pursue their career as Junior/Senior Research Fellow in governmental organizations. Those who work as Senior Research Fellow in Advanced Centre for Treatment Research and Education in Cancer have a monthly salary of around Rs. 18200/- per month. Research Fellow positions are also offered at National Institute of Plant Genome Research, Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health (NIRRH), etc. Emoluments offered in these firms will be in the range of Rs. 12, 000/- to    Rs. 18, 000/- per month.

They can join National Institute of Occupational Health as ‘Research Assistant’ and earn salary packages up to Rs. 22,120/- per month. It is also possible for them to join as Project Assistant in organizations like National Botanical Institute and Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology. Remuneration offered for the jobs amounts to Rs. 12,000/-, at entry level itself. Candidates passionate in teaching can take up the role of Assistant Professor in Guwahati University, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel University, Banaras Hindu University, etc. National Eligibility Test (NET) qualified candidates will be considered for the position and offered a salary package up to Rs. 40000/- per month.

Private Sector Jobs after M.Sc in Biotechnology

Competent professionals in the field of Biotechnology can join Genomix Molecular Diagnostics Private Ltd as ‘Production In charge in Diagnostic Manufacturing’. Enrolments offered for the job varies between Rs. 5000/-  Rs. 10,000/- per month depending on the work experience of the candidate. M.Sc in Biotechnology graduates having 3-4 years work experience in the field of Biotechnology/Pharmacy can join Cliantha Research Limited as ‘Senior Scientist’.

Those who are interested in sales can apply for the job profile of ‘Sales Coordinator’ in Hysel India Pvt. Ltd. Salary offered for the job ranges between 3-4 lakhs per annum. It is also possible to pursue a career as Biotechnologist/Bioinformist/ Quality Analyst/Research Associate, etc in private firms. Pharma based firms like Bincon India Limited, Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited and Sun Pharma are other common employers. Salary packages offered in private firms usually depends on the competency of the professional and reputation of the organization.



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