Difference between Political Science and Political Philosophy


The social science that is concerned with the practical as well as the theoretical use of politics is called as Political Science. In addition to this, a study of Political Science will help one to analyze the political systems and the political activities of people. The study on topics like property, law and emancipation in addition to civil liberties and justice is called as Political Philosophy.

Political Science Course and Opportunities

The qualification required for candidates who seek to join the graduate course in political science is a pass in class 12. After finishing this course, it is possible for candidates to find jobs with Law firms, Public Administration and PR. Moreover, students of political science can also get employment with the United Nations Organization (UNO). In addition to this, students can also get jobs as a political journalist a political researcher or as a political analyst. A few of the other areas where professionals of political science can secure jobs are colleges and universities, consulting firms, Banking sector in addition to Insurance & market research firms and Embassies.

Political Philosophy Course and Opportunities

To join the graduate program in political philosophy, the candidates require a pass in higher secondary level. Following the completion of this course, students of political philosophy can apply for most of the government jobs. Subsequent to finishing their post graduation, it is also possible for them to appear for the civil service exam. Other areas where the students can find jobs include the military and other defense services.

Key differentiators between Political Science and Political Philosophy

Both political science as well as political philosophy has a great impact on the life of people in our country. While political science is concerned with the empirical usage of politics, political philosophy is the analysis of topics like material goods, justice, and emancipation in addition to law and civilian rights. Political science is a vast field that encompasses other subjects like public policy, sociology, international relations and economics. Other topics like national politics, political theory, comparative politics, history, psychology and law are also included in political science.



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