Data Warehouse Architect - How to become Data Warehouse Architect?


Data warehousing is mainly into analysis and reporting data from the operational systems. They help in defining strategy, implementing plans and delivering data warehousing. The role of data warehouse architect is inevitable in the current scenario. Data warehousing architect need to possess technical as well as creative skills in order to become successful in the relative field.

Qualifying Exam

The candidates who plan to pursue a career need to be a graduate or should pass their final engineering examination. Those with masters degree in engineering or IT or computer science are given preference. The candidates who are experienced and proved their calibre in the related field are placed in reputed firms and their pay is also attractive.

Who is eligible to apply?

The candidates with technical knowledge in data ware housing are eligible to become data warehouse architect. The candidates did their graduation in engineering, IT or computer science are also considered eligible. Those with higher degree in engineering, master’s degree or experience in the field of data ware housing are given preference. They need to be well versed in IT application development and need knowledge in using software. Those candidates with experience in leading ware housing applications are also paid high.

Key points in the process

  • Should have deep subject knowledge.
  • Experience in the related field is counted and added as extra qualification.
  • Higher degree or diploma holders are preferred
  • Those with IT or Computer Science are proved apt
  • Computer knowledge is a must.

Should be able to handle projects and act according to the needs of the organisation.

Skills required for a data warehouse architect

The candidates planning to pursue their career as data warehouse architect need to possess deep knowledge in the respective and should also posses certain skills. They should possess strong technical skills. Data modelling skills are inevitable. Data warehouse architect need good communication skills and should be able to handle the projects. They need professional consulting skills and need good computer knowledge. They should update their knowledge and also work according to the business requirements. They need evaluation and selection skills. They need to clearly understand their job and should work according to the needs of the organisation.



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    Data warehousing is a rather broad term. I’ve worked as an information analyst in oil & gas for many years and every project has been vastly different. It seems as time goes on the standards are falling into place, such as with the ISO 15926 model ( and class library driven methodologies. This is where the industry needs to head.

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    i want to pursue a career in data i’m graduate.please tell me the courses & the certifications for dwh.