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Architectural Engineering is the study of buildings. It’s a science that deals with everything that is related to construction of designing of buildings and new structures. Architectural Engineering is a broad category that has further intricate fields that deals with spatial design, aesthetics, safety management, material management etc. while building a new design the basic job of an architect is to make sure that the structure is well planned and functional, safety, economical aspect is also considered alongside the design development.

An architect needs to have the qualities of an artist and a professional business man because only then he will be able to understand what is actually required from him. The field of architects is very competitive and so are the chances to gain fame. More the competition more is the rewards. The architects in their constant effort to prove themselves have create such marvelous gems may it be the world famous skyscrapers or tiny cottages or even the bridges or dams.


The candidate can opt for either degree course in architecture (B.Arc) or diploma in architecture. In order to apply for B.Arch after class 12th, the candidate should have atleast 50% marks in PCM. Moreover there is an entrance examination for getting into B.Arch, the candidate is also supposed to clear that exam. Different universities have different selection procedure which governs whether the student will be selected for the course or not.

Prospects and Career Options

First of all an architect should be able to make their clients visualize what he is going to build for them. So a clear thought process is must for becoming a successful architect. As an architect you will get to meet new people so the field can be interesting but at the same time you should possess the skill to tackle everyone. An architect has to work in conjugation with different people who are also involved with the project; they could be interior designers, technicians and the workers. Job prospects are immense as an architect, you can be absorbed by private or government sector companies or can also start your own business or private practice, but for the same purpose you should be registered with the Council of Architecture.


As a fresher trainee it could be demoralizing to work for mere 5-10K but once you gain experience and have proved yourself there is no limit to what you can earn. As always remuneration if private sector is always better than the government sector. If you are a consultant you can earn something between 5-10% of the total construction cost of the building. The charges may vary depending upon the consultant.



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    i want to knw more about the entrence exam which is required for architectural engineering.

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    Dinesh Ahuja:

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    Dinesh Ahuja:

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    i want to knw more about the entrence exam which is required for architectural engineering.