Difference between Landscape Architect and Marine Architect


Both Landscape Architect and Marine Architect are the architects who perform the planning and designing jobs. Even though their profession seems to be similar, there exist a lot of differences between them. Landscape Architects are the professionals who design the outdoor areas that are good-looking and well-suited with natural surroundings. Marine Architects are those experts who help in designing various marine related structures like ship hulls, compartment, etc.

Landscape Architect Course and Career opportunities

Landscape architecture is an essential aspect of construction which involves with the designing of outdoor areas that attracts the people. All individuals will definitely enjoy the diverse exterior spaces that are designed and built attractively.  The trained experts to perform these design and construction procedures are also in great demand and they are called the Landscape Architects. They design the spaces that are beautiful, practical and well-suited with the natural environment. The wide variety of areas designed by these professionals includes shopping centers, public parks, parkways, residential areas, etc. They figure out the sites of roads, walkways, buildings and the arrangement of trees, flowers, and other greenery.

These experts work with other professionals such as engineers, architects and surveyors to make sure that the clients’ design requirements fulfill with the environment and the desired land’s topography. They also plan and design the restoration of natural spaces like forests, stream corridors, and wetlands and mined areas that were destroyed by construction. These professionals frequently utilize the CAD software that will help them to create the designs and for planning large spaces they use GIS technology.

Marine Architect Course and Career opportunities

Like other architects, the Marine Architects also perform the planning and designing jobs. The various constructions that come under these professionals are mainly related with marine. They analyze and plan the building of naval vessels, docks, and many other watercrafts. They look into both the client’s budget and condition of local marine so as to develop structure that meet long-term necessities. They are said to be the designers of ship structures, hulls and compartments. They may work directly with equipment engineers and ship builders to ensure that a ship functions efficiently and its overall structure is sound.

Most of these experts are employed in private ship construction firms while some others work for design or research companies. A candidate need vast knowledge about the construction and issues related to maritime techniques. They also require minimum of bachelor’s degree qualification in architecture or concerned engineering disciplines from a recognized university. Some of the universities will offer degree programmes in naval or marine architecture.

Key differentiators between Landscape Architect and Marine Architect

  • Landscape Architects are the professionals who are engaged in the planning and designing of the exterior spaces such as public parks, shopping complexes, etc. whereas Marine Architectures are the experts who plan and design the marine related structures like docks, naval vessels, etc.

Although Landscape Architect and Marine Architect are the experts working in the designing field, their profession differ in many aspects.



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