Career after B.Tech in Bioinformatics


Bioinformatics is a branch of science in which we can see the application of computer and information technology to the field of biology. This field of technology helps us to understand biological processes in a better way. Here, computers are used to collect, store, evaluate and assimilate biological information. This field has turned out to be of significant importance in analyzing human diseases and discovery of new drugs.

Career in Private sector after B.Tech Bioinformatics

There are numerous private firms in our country that recruit the Bioinformatics graduates. Apart from the high profile jobs that are being offered, the candidates will also get excellent pay packages. Some of the job areas where the B.Tech in Bioinformatics candidates can work are diagnostic centers, hospitals, pharmaceutical industries, educational institutes, research agencies, and so on. They can also look for a job in various other fields such as biomedical sciences, database design and maintenance, IT sector, etc. In these firms, the candidates can get into positions such as Bioinformatics Engineer / Clinical Pharmacologist / Sequence Analyst. Apart from this, the candidates can also work as Drug Inspector / Researcher / Computational biologists / Bio-Analyst / Computational Chemist / Informatics Developer / Database Designer and Maintenance Expert. Furthermore, one can find jobs in several Biotech industries like Strand Life Sciences, CuraGen, Avestha Gengraine Technologies Private Limited, and Celera Genomics.

Government Career after B.Tech Bioinformatics

In addition to the private sector companies, there are several government firms which recruit Bioinformatics graduates. Several prominent institutes such as The Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology in Hyderabad, Bose Institute in Kolkata, Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, Institute of Microbial Technology in Chandigarh, Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, etc provide facilities for the B.Tech in Bioinformatics aspirants to carry out research programs. One can also work as system analysts / programmer / database designer / applications analyst / systems engineers in various other government Bioinformatics firms.

Career Abroad after B.Tech Bioinformatics

Besides India, there are also career opportunities offered for the Bioinformatics graduates in various firms abroad. Apart from IT companies, several pharmaceutical companies and hospitals abroad also hire these graduates. The main advantage of pursuing a profession in a foreign country is that the remuneration offered would be much higher than that in India.

Long term Career roadmap for B.Tech Bioinformatics Graduates

Bioinformatics sector has turned out to be a hot spot for employment. The B.Tech graduates if they take an M.Tech degree in any of the Bioinformatics branches, the demand for them would mount up massively. Also the experienced candidates will be given more preference during the selection processes and moreover the salary would be much higher than the fresher’s in this field.



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    sir, i am doing btech bioinformatics . what are opportunity to do job in bio related compenys

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    i hav done in computer science . can i go for masters in informatics. ?