Difference between Cardiovascular Technicians and Radiologic Technicians


Both the Cardiovascular technicians and Radiologic technicians are the professionals who support the medical practitioners to diagnose diseases. Even though they perform the same supportive role, their job nature and duties are different in many aspects. Cardiovascular Technicians are the professionals who assist the doctors in the treatment of problems related to heart and peripheral vascular alignments. Radiologic Technicians are those who carry out the imaging examinations according to the doctor’s order.

Cardiovascular Technicians Course and Career opportunities

Cardiovascular technicians are the professionals in the medical field who helps the doctors in the treatment of various cardiac and related problems. The other duties of these people include scheduling appointments, review doctor’s interpretations and patients’ records and observe patients’ heart rates. They also explain the test procedures, compare the observations with a standard and operate the testing equipments. These professionals usually specialize in electrocardiograms and stress strings. Their daily duties may vary with the specialties. Sometimes they may be also referred as Vascular Technologist or a Vascular Sonographer. The students interested in this field need to complete at least a recognized educational training with a bachelor’s degree or associate degree in the related subject to become a Cardiovascular technician.

Radiologic Technicians Course and Career opportunities

Radiologic technicians are also the medical professionals who assist the medical practitioner by doing diagnostic imaging examinations. These imaging detections include x-rays, magnetic resonance imaging, mammography and computed tomography. They are also called radiographers who create the x-rays of the affected parts of human body. They prepare the patients for radiologic examinations by giving information about the concerned procedures; remove their jewelry and other articles and positioning patients for the radiologic procedure. They also prevent the needless exposure of other body parts of patient to radiation with radiation protection devices. They position the radiographic machine at the proper angle and height over the patients’ affected body part. This job of a radiologic technician is entry level post in this field.

Key differentiators between Cardiovascular Technicians and Radiologic Technicians

  • Cardiovascular Technicians are the health care professionals who help the doctor’s in the treatment of cardiac and related problems whereas Radiologic Technicians are those who assist the medical practitioner by performing diagnostic imaging examinations.
  • Cardiovascular Technicians’ other duties include scheduling appointments, observe patients’ heart rates, etc. whereas Radiologic Technicians’ duties include giving information about the procedures, help the patients by positioning them in proper positions, etc.

Although cardiovascular technicians and radiologic technicians perform the similar supportive roles for the medical practitioner, they differ in many aspects.



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