Difference between Chief Financial Officer and Controller


Both Chief Financial Officer and Controller are managerial positions in business establishments. Although, these both are leadership positions in accounting sections of companies, both are entirely different. A CFO is a qualified personal coming from a commerce background having detailed knowledge in finance. Each and every financial operation in organizations is carried out concerning the CFO. However, Controllers are professionals entrusted with the overall accounting procedures of companies. Accountants, having long-term experience can become controllers.

CFO courses and career opportunities

Aspirants who have completed the master’s courses in finance or equivalency can become Chief Financial Officers. There are also separate training programs conducted by institutes for carving out CFO’s. Various Universities and institutes offer these courses. Each and every company needs a CFO in order to carry out their financial dealings efficiently. These professionals may have deep knowledge in financial business operations and the interrelation of the financial system with the organization.

Controller courses and career opportunities

Those who have done the bachelors’ degree in commerce can become accountants. There are many other accounting software packages like Tally and so on that aspirants can pursue for becoming accountants. Gaining long-term experience in the respective fields, these professionals can become Controllers. These professionals can seek out for jobs in public or private undertakings. There are many multi-nationals companies emerging day by day, which are in need of controllers.

Key differentiators between Chief Financial Officer and Controller

It is the duty of the CFO to analyze financial crisis in organizations and to determine solutions whereas controllers mostly deals with accurate financing in business establishments. Chief financial officers, as they have detailed knowledge in finance can readily take appropriate financial decisions. However, the controllers may not be having that much in depth knowledge in the financial aspects. They can only continue with their day-to-day affairs, which they are carrying on for years. The Chief Financial Officers’ can expect high remunerations than the controllers.



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