M. Sc in Chemistry and M. Sc in Geology, which course is better?


Post graduate courses in Geology and Chemistry are offered by a number of colleges/universities. A Master of Science in Chemistry course and Master of Science in Geology course have certain commonalities as well as difference when it comes to topics or areas covered in these courses. Both these courses have good future scope in terms of higher studies and career avenues.

Future prospects of M.Sc Chemistry

Career avenues are open for candidates who have completed a master’s course in Chemistry in a number of areas. Graduates can find employment in food industries, medical and health organization, energy research etc. Educational institutions offer teaching jobs for graduates. Candidates can opt for various capacities like research officers, scientists, specialists etc. Employment avenues can be found in other areas that too require the application of chemistry. Graduates can expect a monthly remuneration of around Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000.

Candidates can pursue an M.Phil in Analytical Chemistry or Applied Chemistry. Candidates can also opt for an M.Phil in Chemistry or Industrial Chemistry. Ph.D can be pursued in a number of disciplines related to Chemistry. Opportunities are available for research in the field of Organic Chemistry, Ion Exchange, Radio and Nuclear Chemistry, Electro Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry etc.

Future prospects of M.Sc Geology

Candidates who have completed a master’s course in geology can seek employment in a number of capacities. Many industries related to mining and petroleum offer employment opportunities for post graduate degree holders in Geology. Companies involved in areas concerned with Environment too offer job opportunities. Graduates who have qualified for the UGC- NET can opt for a career in teaching. Candidates can seek employment as trainees, coordinators, researchers etc. candidates can opt for Laboratory jobs and on-site jobs. Freshers can expect an initial salary of around Rs 10, 000 per month.

Graduates can also opt for higher studies in different fields of Geology. Candidates can pursue an M.Phil or Ph.D in related subjects.  M.Phil can be pursued in Applied Geology or Geology. Candidates can opt for a Ph.D in Geological Sciences or Geology from various universities like the University of Delhi and University of Pune. Candidates can also opt for a Master of Business Admsitration (MBA) course after their post graduation.

Which course is better?

M.Sc Chemistry course allows graduates to explore avenues in different areas requiring the knowledge and application of chemistry.  M.Sc Geology involves the application of the principles of Chemistry in the specific subject area of Geology. Geology also includes various other science subjects like physics, mathematics, statistics, environmental science etc. Both the post graduates courses have good scope for higher studies, research and career advancement.



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