Difference between Environmental Science and Geology


Environmental Science deals with the study of environment with the integration of physical science as well as biological science. The study in the particular field relates more on people’s observation and policies towards environment. But geology is a branch of science that deals with the study of earth. Nowadays, it is important for foreseeing the natural hazards, which are bound to come in future.

Environmental Science courses and career opportunities

There are various graduate and masters’ programmes offered by various colleges in Environmental science. The candidates can do the B.Sc and then M.Sc in environmental science. Those who have keen interest in the Engineering fields can go on for the graduation or post graduation in technology in the concerned disciplines. There are various sub-divisions in the field that an aspirant can choose according to his choice. Limitless openings are arising day – by – day for the PG’s in different pollution control boards and so on. Candidates who have completed the post graduation can expect such high salaries nearly Rs. 35000 and above even being a starter. With experience in the respective areas, they will be given much high scale of pay.
Geology courses and career opportunities

There are a number of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Geology. Those who have fanatical interest in knowing more about the earth can do the various programmes in geology. So many colleges offer bachelors’ and masters’ courses in the concerned field. There are even engineering courses in Geology. Students who have passionate interest in continuing with geology can go on with their research programmes. Most of the geologists work in the Government or environmental sector. For those completing the postgraduate course in Geology are paid well through out the world.

Key differentiators between Environmental Science and Geology

Environmental Science deals with the relationship of human beings with plants, air, soil, and other organisms. But, Geology involves earth and its formation. It deals with detailed study about the mountains, rocks, planets, crust, etc. It involves the uncertainties that mould up or destroy the earth.



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    Abiral pritam:

    Can we do M.E after doing B.tech? Also can we do M.sc in geology after doing B.tech in environmental engineering?

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    wat is d salary package in geology???
    i want 2 do bsc and msc in geology frm delhi university??
    bt i m hesitant k will i b able 2 get a job after msc frm du placement cell… as i dnt want 2 appear 4 entrnce kind of..?
    my financial situation of family isnt gud at ol.. so i want 2 knw whether i shuld opt 4 bsc n msc in geology???
    how much i’ll earn directly aftr msc in geology?