Difference between Masters in Earth Science and Masters in Geology


Earth Science identifies diverse aspects concerning earth and also the aspects of the solar system. It is an exciting field of science that deals with the rocky as well as the aqueous part of earth surface. It also encompasses study on Atmospheric science as well as Biology. The branch of geology acts as subdivision under the field of Earth Science.

The subject includes study on the composition of materials on the earth surface and about the biotic life on the planet. Study of minerals and fuels also comes under geology. Masters level courses in the subject covers the details on the above mentioned topics. Even though both post graduate courses are concerned with geo diversity there exist certain differences between them.

Masters in Earth Science Courses and job opportunities

  • Those who have completed undergraduate course from any of the recognized Universities can apply for the Master’s degree course in Earth Science.
  • The graduation must be obtained in any of the streams of biology, chemistry, geography or physics.

The Indian School of Mines is as pioneer institute which offers Master of Science as well as research courses in Earth Science. Apart from this, there exist several other institutes offering higher study programs in Earth Science. There exist opportunities for post graduate students in the role of Earth Scientist. These professionals can work with diverse areas of Earth according to their interest and specialization.

Masters in Geology Courses and job opportunities

  • There exists lot of Universities in India that offer post graduate courses in Geology.
  • The courses are offered as Master of Science, Master of Philosophy and at doctorate levels.

The students who have pursued bachelor’s degree in Geology are eligible to apply for Master of Science in Geology.

M.Sc as well as M.Tech programs in Applied Geology are also offered by certain Universities in India. These professionals can find enormous job opportunities with the Geological Survey of India, the Central Ground Water Board, Mining Industries, oil exploration companies and so on.

Key differences between Masters in Earth Science and Masters in geology

Geology is an area of study which comes as part of Earth Science. The structure of both the courses is different from each other. Institutes offering Masters Courses in Geology are large when compared to that of Earth Science. Even though both the courses offer abundant job openings, the demand for geology specialist are high when compared to that of Earth Science.



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