Difference between Instrumentation Engineering and Mechanical Engineering


Both Instrumentation engineering and Mechanical engineering are the sub-branches in engineering field which deals with some kind of machines or instruments. Even though the two fields deal in the same area, there are lots of variations between them. Instrumentation engineering is the engineering field which focuses in the operations and related issues of measuring instruments. Mechanical engineering is the engineering field which focuses in the development and maintenance of mechanical systems.

Instrumentation Engineering Course and Career opportunities

Instrumentation engineering is specialization in the engineering field and is a sub-division of electrical and electronics engineering. The field primarily focuses on the several principles and operations of measuring instruments. These instruments are used in the design and development of automated systems. The professionals working in this area are known as instrumentation engineers. Most of these professionals find employment in industries with automated processes like manufacturing or chemical plants.

They perform their works with the aim of improving the system efficiency, optimization, consistency, safety and stability. They assist in the designing, building and maintenance of these types of instruments and sometimes the whole instrumentation systems in the industry. These experts may determine the type of particular instruments that are required to ensure superior quality and efficiency of the final products. One can enter in this field of profession after completing the bachelor’s degree in instrumentation engineering.

Mechanical Engineering Course and Career opportunities

Mechanical engineering is also a specialization in engineering field. It applies the diverse principles involved in physics and material science. These principles are used for the analysis, design, construction and maintenance of different mechanical systems. This field is a typical branch in engineering that involves the creation and usage of heat and mechanical influence, which is specifically used for the design, manufacturing and operation of tools and machines.

Mechanical engineering is one of the traditional and widest disciplines in engineering. However the engineering field needs a thorough understanding in some core concepts such as structural science, kinematics, materials science, etc. The professionals in this field, called the mechanical engineers, use the knowledge in core principles together with tools to design and evaluate various areas like manufacturing plants, aircraft, industrial equipments or machineries, robotics and many more. Students can get into a bright career in this field after pursuing their bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in mechanical engineering or allied specializations.

Key differentiators between Instrumentation Engineering and Mechanical Engineering

  • Instrumentation engineering is a specialization in engineering field which involves several principles and operations of measuring instruments whereas Mechanical engineering is the specialization in engineering which focuses on the design, analysis, construction and protection of mechanical systems.
  • Instrumentation engineering involves the planning, development and maintenance of instruments that are used in the automated systems whereas Mechanical engineering involves the production and usage of heat or mechanical power for manufacturing tools and machines.

Although Instrumentation engineering and Mechanical engineering are involved in the same field, they differ in many aspects.



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