Difference between M.A in Museology and M.Sc in Museology


Museology is the study of different types of museums and its social and political importance. In older days, the purpose of museums was to exhibit the private collections. In the present times, it has become the storehouse of historically relevant materials. The branch of Museology was developed with the relevance of museums in archaeological studies. M.A in Museology and M.Sc in Museology are the two postgraduate courses offered in Museology. Candidates who are interested in archaeology can choose any of these courses to specialize in the area of Museolgy. Both of these courses are similar except for the slight difference in the course structure.

M.A in Museology and its opportunities

Candidates who have completed M.A in Museology can join various historical museums and perform the role of Museum Guide. Many career opportunities are available for these graduates in various institutions under Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). Various cultural heritage institutions offer the job of curator to these graduates. National Heritage Agencies also hire the service of these graduates to supervise the relevant museums. They can also work independently as archaeological contractors or consultants.

M.Sc in Museology and its opportunities

Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) is the major employer of M.Sc graduates in Museology. Candidates can get into any constituent bodies of ASI through the test and interview conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). Various central Museums and District Level Museums offer several job opportunities for these graduates. Different museums which recruit these graduates are given below.

  • National Museum, New Delhi
  • Salarjung Museum, Hyderabad
  • Aziz Bhat Museum, Kargil
  • Indian Museum, Kolkata

They can work as either museum director or conservation specialist in these institutions. They can also perform the role of educator, archivist, curator or exhibit designer in various cultural and heritage institutions.

Key difference between M.A in Museology and M.Sc in Museology

  • M.A in Museology concentrates primarily on Arts and Humanities while M.Sc in Museology slightly gives more importance to Life Sciences.
  • Eligibility to pursue M.A in Museology to have a degree in any subject related to Art and Humanities while degree in any subject related to Life Sciences is needed to pursue M.Sc in Museology

Even though both of these courses study about the same subject, slight difference can been seen in the second semester of the course structure. M.A in Musueology course includes subjects related to Arts and Humanities in that semester. But students who pursue M.Sc in Museology should study subjects related to Life sciences in the second semester.



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    koeli laha:

    I am doing Museology(M.A.)from Calcutta university.I want to do job in archaeological survey of India.As a museology student,can i get job in the ASI?