Best course between ASP.NET and MCSE after B.E. in ECE


If the candidates are interested to work in IT field after completing Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication Engineering, then it is better to do any certification course in software programming or networking. ASP.NET is the best course for those who have inclination towards software programming. B.E graduates can opt for Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) certification course, if they are looking for a professional course in networking. Out of these two courses, MCSE is better choice for B.E graduates as it includes the concepts of electronics, that gives them more career options.

Advantages of doing ASP.NET after B.E. in ECE

The main advantage of doing ASP.NET course after B.E in ECE is that this course is much more flexible to ECE students unlike other courses on programming languages like C++, Java etc. To study programming language like C++, students should have strong base in C language and object oriented programming concepts. In the case of Java, it is necessary to understand the concept of threading. Also, the students should have basic knowledge about database management to study advanced version of Java. It is not quite easier for ECE students to understand all these concepts as they are from electronics background.

But this type of preoccupation is not required for studying ASP.NET course. It is very easy to understand the functionalities of .NET platform if there is a good instructor. Students can themselves understand the coding. Another advantage of doing ASP.NET course after B.E in ECE is that ECE students can find the job of ASP.NET developers in IT companies like Accenture, IBM etc.

Advantages of doing MCSE after B.E. in ECE

After completing B.E in ECE, one can look for MCSE course to become an expert in networking. MCSE certification is best for candidates to prove their proficiency in networking as it is an internationally acclaimed professional course. ECE students can easily cope up with MCSE course, as it makes use of the concepts in electronics. Also, electronics engineers can easily find the job of Systems Engineer with MCSE certification. Another advantage of doing MCSE is that the students can join exclusive website of Microsoft Certified Professionals and take part in discussions, training sessions, conferences, special events etc. These discussions, training sessions and conferences are very useful for them to excel in their career.

Best option between ASP.NET and MCSE

While comparing with MCSE course, ASP.NET requires less effort and money. Even so, MCSE course is the best certification course for B.E graduates in Electronics and Communication Engineering. The main reason is that MCSE is a professional course unlike ASP.NET. Also, networking course is much suitable for ECE students rather than software programming courses. However, if the candidates possess keen desire to pursue their career in software field, then ASP.NET course is a better option for them. Most of the IT companies are now adopting .NET technology for reducing the number of codes used to build larger applications.



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    iam marshall studying btech third year ece branch .please tell steps to get this type of course.sylabus required

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    Manoj prabhakar:

    hi iam an BE(ECE) 2012 passed-out student hoping for good career in hardware networking field pls help me find out best training institutions for pursuing hardware networking courses in chennai,hyderabad or bangalore?

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    if i can completed .net course,is there any opertunity i can do part time job.