Difference between MD Pediatrics and DCH


Doctor of Medicine (MD) pediatrics is a post graduate course of 2 years duration which deals with the medical care given to children especially who are below the age of 12 years. The aspirant should have a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree and also a one year internship in order to get admission into this course.

Diploma in Child Health (DCH) is a post graduate diploma course of 2 years duration which deals with the nursing care of infants, children and also adolescents at the community level as well as at primary and secondary levels of health care. A person with an MBBS degree can get admission into this course.

However the job description of both these graduates includes working for long, irregular hours.

MD Pediatrics and Opportunities

A person with a MD pediatrics degree has an amazing future ahead. He can pursue various higher studies or else he can get placed in various public and private hospitals as Pediatrician. There are also various research programs available or else he can choose the teaching profession. Pediatricians are well paid. He can also do self practice at his clinic or else at home. He has a great career not only in India but also abroad. Some job profiles of a MD Pediatrics graduate include the following.

  • Pediatrician
  • Assistant Professor in Pediatrics
  • Personal Physician
  • Home nursing jobs

DCH and Opportunities

A DCH graduate has a remarkable career ahead. He can go for various higher studies in various specializations and he can also get placed in a public sector or a private sector undertaking. They can also engage in self practice. They are well paid at reputed organizations. They can also enter into the teaching field or else they can go for various research programs.

Some of the job profiles of a DCH graduate include the following.

  • Home nursing jobs
  • Nutritional Specialist
  • Nutritional Coordinator
  • Personal Physician
  • Sports Nutritionist

Key difference between MD Pediatrics and DCH

MD Pediatrics is a post graduate course dealing with child care whereas as DCH is a post graduate diploma course dealing with the same. Even though both MD Pediatrics and DCH deals with child care, the subjects covered in the course and the depth of knowledge acquired from these two courses are different. Both MD Pediatrics and DCH graduates can get placed in various hospitals but the salary packages offered will be different.



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    sharad c mathur:

    I have done my mbbs in 1989…
    I want to do my md/dch paediatrics on line
    how can I do it ..
    your advice and suggestions regardind this matter will be greatly appreciated..
    thanking you so much..
    sincerely yours…

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    How can I do MD Pediatrics after DCH?