Difference between Mechanical Engineering and Metallurgical Engineering


Both the Mechanical engineering and Metallurgical engineering are the sub specializations in engineering field. Even though they deal in the same engineering field, the two fields are different in many aspects. Mechanical engineering is an engineering subfield that involves the application of engineering principles for the design, production and maintenance of various mechanical systems. Metallurgical engineering is also an engineering subdivision that is involved with metals and  metal related areas.

Mechanical Engineering Course and Career opportunities

Mechanical engineering is one of the traditional and broadest disciplines in engineering field. It involves the design, examination and manufacturing of various types of mechanical systems using the principles of physics and material sciences. This particular branch of study includes the construction and treatment of heat and mechanical power for manufacturing the tools and machines. The field is concerned with all sorts of machinery in industries and all issues related with their mechanism and functioning. The experts who carry out the diverse tasks related with machine systems are called Mechanical engineers.

Apart from the design, evaluation and manufacturing works of machine and tools, they are also involved in the development of materials for them and the methods to produce useful products. They use the core principles in mechanical engineering along with other tools such as CAD and product lifecycle administration for various purposes. The mechanical engineers can specialize in diverse areas like robotics, automobile, air conditioning and manufacturing. An individual can get into a lucrative career in this field after pursuing at least a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering or related disciplines.

Metallurgical Engineering Course and Career opportunities

Metallurgical engineering is also a broad specialization in the field of engineering that deals with all types of metal related issues. The field is further divided into many subfields, of which three major specializations are extractive metallurgy, physical metallurgy and mineral processing. Metallurgy is a specialized field of physical sciences, which involves the study of physical and chemical features of metallic elements, their compositions and inter metallic compounds.

The metallurgical engineers are the experts in improving the methods of processing metals and transferring them into useful products. They use utilize many different complex equipments for these purposes. They are frequently assisted by metallurgical technicians. These professionals mainly work in industrial settings, especially the iron or steel industries. They can also find employment in industries that manufactures the machineries and other products, like automobile or electrical parts that use metals.

Key differentiators between Mechanical Engineering and Metallurgical Engineering

  • Mechanical engineering is a broad engineering specialization that involves the design, analysis, construction and maintenance of various machine systems or tools whereas Metallurgical engineering is an engineering field which deals with all kinds of metal related areas.
  • Mechanical engineering field utilizes the principles of physics and material sciences for the concerned tasks whereas Metallurgical engineering is a field that involves the study of physical and chemical features of metals and its related issues.

Although Mechanical engineering and Metallurgical engineering are involved in the same engineering area, there exist lots of dissimilarities between them.



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