Difference between Neurologist and Neurosurgeon


A neurologist and neurosurgeon works in the same field, neurology. Even though they are in same field their job profile differ in many ways. A neurologist’s work is to identify the nerve related disorders in human body and cure them. They can perform various treatments depending on patient’s level of illness. On the other hand a neurosurgeon does the operations related to nerves and this is a high-risk work also. They should be well trained and should have excellent knowledge in this area. The remunerations for a neurosurgeon is very high compared to any other physician or surgeon.


Physicians who diagnose or treat various diseases related to nerves are usually known as the neurologist. They specializes in the field of neurology which deals with the disorders of nerve connected parts of the body like brain, spinal cord, etc. The neurology is an overall study of nervous system in human body. The main work of a neurologist is to detect nerve related disorder in a patient and diagnose them using various tests. The treatments may vary according to the illness. After the test they can either prescribe medicines or recommend a surgery if needed or refer to other specialist like physiotherapist. The neurologists can specializes in specific parts of nerve or engage in specific procedures. The minimum qualification required for a neurologist is a bachelor’s degree in medicine and M.D. They can specialize in this field during post graduation.


Neurosurgeons are also related to neurology. These people specialize in operating nerve related parts in the body like brain, neck, spinal cord and head. The work of a neurosurgeon is very complex and risky one. So those who opt for this field should have excellent skills and knowledge about the related field. The neurology field has become very competitive due to the high remuneration for the skilled surgeons. The minimum qualification to become a neurosurgeon is a bachelor’s degree in medicine or equivalent and in addition to this they must pursue and M.D or D.O degree. After pursuing this degree, the graduates should acquire the neurosurgery residency training.

Key differentiators between Neurologist and Neurosurgeon

  • A neurosurgeon is trained in surgery related to nerves but the neurologist is not a surgeon by training. They can only treat the diseases and perform some tests on the patients.
  • Those who have pursued a bachelor’s degree in medicine and a M.D degree with short term training in the related field can become a neurologist. But to become a neurosurgeon one has to pursue bachelor’s degree in medicine and a M.D or D.O degree along with 6 or 7 years training in surgery.

Although a neurologist and neurosurgeon works in the same field their way of treatment is entirely different.



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    can i become surgeon by doing only mbbs and without md? if not then how many years are required for doing mbbs + md

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    Jyoti Gaikwad:

    Hi I am Jyoti studying in S.Y.B.sc in zoology. My aim is to be an embryologist, for that what course should I have to complete after B.Sc?