Difference between Ophthalmologist and Optician


An Ophthalmologist is a person who has successfully completed a course in Ophthalmology. This field deals with the study of anatomy of the eyes and the concerned diseases. He can prescribe medicines as well as perform surgeries for the patients with eye problems. Ophthalmology is a course of 3 to 5 year duration.

Opticians also deal with eye care and vision. His is concerned with the adjusting and fitting of optical products like glasses and lenses. An Optician should have successfully completed a Bachelor’s degree in Optics or else he can go for various certification courses in Optics.

Vision is the most powerful gift of a human being. And the person who cures and provides support to eradicate the problems dealing with vision needs equal importance. So both an Ophthalmologist and an Optician has to play a great role in the field of vision.

Ophthalmologist and Opportunities

The person who wishes to do an Ophthalmology course should have Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree as a basic qualification. Once they complete a course in Ophthalmology, they can look for various job opportunities in both Public and Private sector undertakings. Health centers, departments of primary health and NGOs also provide a lot of job opportunities for ophthalmologists.

Optician and Opportunities

An Optician has a lot of job opportunities available in both private as well as private sector undertakings. Depending on his qualification in Optics there is a great scope for this field. Some Organizations demand licensed Opticians where as some other organizations give importance to the education and experience of that person in the field of Optics. Their service is usually demanded in centers offering optical accessories. The salary packages offered for an optician is also quite impressive.

Key difference between Ophthalmologist and Optician

  • An Ophthalmologist has to pass a course in Ophthalmology whereas an Optician has to pass a course in Optics.
  • An Ophthalmologist directly deals with the injuries and diseases affecting eye and perform surgeries where as an optician deals externally with the optical products.
  • The salary packages offered for an Optician and Ophthalmologist shows an extreme variation.
  • An Ophthalmologist usually works in hospitals whereas an optician usually works in centers offering optical accessories.

The field of specialization of an Ophthalmologist and an Optician is different even though they deal with eye care and vision.



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