Difference between Quality Assurance Job and Testing Job


The job of Quality Assurance and Testing includes diverse aspects in improving the value of the manufactured product. Quality assurance refers to the development and maintenance activities necessary to meet the objectives of the system. More precisely the Quality Assurance job involves the overall monitoring of the processes to ensure the quality and competence of the products manufactured.

The job responsibility assigned with the tester is to identify the defects of the developed product and to convey the problem to the corresponding personal. The quality assurance professional and the tester work hand by hand for achieving the compliance and compatibility of the product manufactured. Apart from these similarities, there exist certain dissimilarities between these jobs.

Quality Assurance Courses and Job Opportunities

The qualification requirement of the quality assurance professional depends on the industry they are interested to work with. Most of the firms prefer a 4-year engineering degree for the process. The candidates with graduation in the associated subject and adequate experience are also considered for the job profile of the same. Almost all industries involved in manufacturing sector employ professionals in quality assurance. Therefore, these professionals can find enormous lucrative positions in the same.

Testing Courses and Job Opportunities

Similar to quality assurance jobs the qualification required for testing jobs also depend on the industry. For example software tester require bachelor degree in computer science, a vehicle tester require degree or diploma in automobile engineering and so on. These professionals are also highly demanded in public as well as private sector.

Key differences between Quality Assurance Job and Testing Job

  • The basic difference between Quality Assurance and testing job is that the first one is process oriented where as the latter is product-oriented.
  • The main responsibility of the tester is to detect the errors where as that of quality assurance professional is to monitor and improve the whole process.
  • The educational qualifications required for both the jobs are different.
  • The intention behind testing process is correction of errors where as that behind Quality Assurance is prevention of the same.

A testing professional is assigned with minimum set of responsibilities where as the duties associated with quality assurance professional are much wider.



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