How to prepare for CBSE 12th Mathematics Exam?


The future of the candidate depends mainly on the marks obtained by the candidate in his twelfth class. The candidate should really work hard to score good marks. They should plan accordingly so that they can attend the exam with confidence and obtain a high score. To obtain good marks for PCM in the CBSE examination is really a tough task. Candidates really find difficulty in dealing with mathematics.

Given below are the topics that are covered in Class 12 Mathematics

  • Relation and Function: Relation and function
  • Matrices and determinants
  • Inverse Trignometric Function
  • Integration
  • Differentiation and Differential equation
  • Linear Programming
  • Probability
  • Vectors and Three dimensional geometry

How to prepare if the Mathematics Model Exam was a failure?

Many candidates after their model exam will be in a stage of depression as they might not have fared well in the exam. They will be worrying about their score in the model test which really increase their stress. These prevent the student from preparing well for the board exam with a right mind set. The student should gain enough confidence and prepare systematically according to a plan properly set which will help the student gain success. Many students have a tendency to read mathematics text just like other subjects which will not be beneficial for the candidate.

The candidates while preparing mathematics should repeatedly work out problems which will help the candidate for the exam. Difficult portions should be given more time and importance. They can note down formulas and theorems in a paper which will help them at the time of their examination. They can work out previous question papers, model test papers etc. This helps the candidates to be familiar with the exam pattern and structure.

The students can get previous question papers from internet and also from question banks which can be used by the candidate for working out problems. The text book prescribed by NCERT has sample questions at the end of each chapter. The students while studying can practice with these questions. This will make the students familiar with the questions which help the candidate to attend the exam with confidence.

How to prepare if Mathematics Model Exam was a success?

The students who score high marks for the model exam should not be over confident. They should work out each type of problems and be familiar with the theorems. Proper revision is done after the completion of each topic. The candidates can practice with previous question papers and question banks. They should always keep in mind the importance of board exam and prepare for it. More importantly they should mange the time well which help the candidate to attend all questions for the board exam in time.

Tips and Tricks to prepare for the Mathematics Exam

  • The candidates while preparing for the exam should take care of the following
  • The candidate needs to go through the entire portions and prepare well. This helps the candidate to attend even indirect questions.
  • Difficult portions should be given more importance and can note down important formulas in a paper which will be very helpful while practicing the problems.
  • Repeated revision is inevitable to be gain familiarity with questions and topics.
  • Work out in previous or sample question papers which will increase their speed and improve their performance.

Prescribed Books for 12th Mathematics Exam

The candidates need to choose the right books while preparing for the twelfth examination. The candidates can refer books of R.D. Sharma, R.P.Sinha and R.S Agarwal. They can also refer the prescribed book of NCERT for mathematics.



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    Hey.. My board exams are just approaching me.. And i m confused because the questions in ncert are really very easy.. And when i see last year papers. They are out of ncert and from the books like r.d. Sharma.. Nw i m worried what to study and what not for maths

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    mali k:

    how to study 12th?

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    ~How to prepare maths get marks 100%.
    ~How much time we need to give daily.
    ~which books we prefer to best preparation.

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    Great group of questions for the ITIL viroesn 3 Foundations Certification. This surely is helpful and useful as we study for the coming ITIL Certification Exam.Thanks for posting this. Keep it up!

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    I am student of 12th class. I have just given my board exams. All the exams were good for me, but I am in doubt with my Maths exam result. May be I will get compartment in the exam. Can you suggest me some online study material, so that I can start preparing for my exam from now.

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    Sarthak Kaura:

    I am a student of commerce stream with mathematics, (Physical Education as additional), but I realised that I want to opt for B. Arch….!! Is it possible…??