Difference between Science Writer and Technical Writer


Both Science Writer and Technical Writer are the professionals who work with the same theme i.e. writing on technical topics. Even though both the professionals perform the same kind of job there exist dissimilarities between them. Science writers are those who write about the news and issues in sciences. Technical writers are those who write the technical and scientific ideas and matters in a simple language.

Science Writer Course and Career opportunities

The scientific writing covers a wide range of functions which includes writing for newsletters, magazines, broadcast media, etc. Science writers are the experts who cover the news and rising issues in the field of science. They are needed to write about several topics in science that ranges from diseases, human body, new findings or the environment. They have to relate and develop these matters in a way that the people can understand them. The works done by the science writers not only covers the new discoveries but also assist in conversation and public debate that involves law, policy and ethics.

To be a professional in this area, one needs not only proficiency in writing and interest in science but they also have the determination for a good career. Individuals require different skills to be a good science writer. They should have a positive attitude, ability to interact with editors, publicly funded firms and publishers. Science writers need to be proficient in two areas, able to write and understand the nuances of writing. The science related publications will have certain specific rules for the article style, length and viewpoint. Scientific writers must be able to adapt to the requisites of the publications or related area where they work.

Technical Writer Course and Career opportunities

Technical writing is a way to communicate certain ideas to the specific readers in an easily understandable way. As the technical advancements are emerging gradually, this field is getting significant role in the present scenario. This field can also be called as Technical Communication. The experts to write in this area are also in great demand in the companies where the need for translating technical matters is involved.

Technical writers convert or explain the technical usages of the company’s products in a simple way that even the common man can understand. These writings may include the way to understand technical words, benefits and operations of the company’s specific products or services. In short it can be said that technical writers are the experts who write about the technology for non-technical people. Some of the technical writers write many article and reports on current trends in the concerned fields. Most of these experts in this specialization are former scientists or technicians.

These professionals may be required to write policies and processes that range from banking to shipping. They may also develop information about instruction manuals, i.e. from how to utilize a new appliance to how to construct a model airplane. The different areas where the technical writers can look for employment include newspapers, books or magazine publishers or some other related industries.

Key differentiators between Science Writer and Technical Writer

  • Science writers are those experts who write about the news and emerging issues in science whereas Technical writers are the experts who develop a simple language about the technical matters that are understandable by common people.

Although science writers and technical writers work with the same theme, there are lots of differences between them in terms of involved work and job nature.



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