Difference between Zoologist and Veterinarian


Even though Zoology and Veterinary Science are concerned with the study of animals, the mode of study and the topics involved in the both the subjects are entirely different. Zoologists are specialists who have detailed knowledge about animals and wildlife. These biological scientists do research work on dead animals by dissecting them so as to know their internal structure, histories, habitats, interrelationships with the environment. However, Veterinarians are physicians who diagnose and provide treatments and medications to control animal injuries and diseases. These professionals inoculate animals against diseases like distemper, rabies and so on.

Zoologist courses and career opportunities

Those who have completed the masters’ and PhD in Zoology or Animal Science or related fields can become zoologists. There are several undergraduate and postgraduate courses in zoology. Aspirants can choose their desired specializations while pursuing the programs in the respective fields. Zoologists can opt for public or private jobs. Most of the zoologists work in museums, zoos, or in research laboratories concerned with preservation, inspection, management works. They can also seek out for employments in dailies and professional journals doing classified advertisements. On successful completion of the program, they can earn about $50,000 per year. They can also find careers in worldwide channels like Animal Planet or National Geographic and so on.

Veterinarian courses and career opportunities

To become a veterinarian, aspirants are required to pursue the graduation program in Veterinary Science (B.V.Sc.). In addition, they should complete the internship so to start their medical practice. Those who wish to work in any particular sector in the medical field should pursue the specialization course thereafter. Most of the Veterinarians are doctors working in Veterinary hospitals, zoos. In a business sense, they can also start new Veterinary clinics of their own for doing private practice. They can also get employed in veterinary medical schools or in any other animal food companies. These professionals receive a remuneration of around $60000 annually.

Key differentiators between Zoologist and Veterinarian

Zoologist and Veterinarian are exclusively diverse fields. The former deals with the research programs in the history and existence of diverse animals in the world whereas the latter are animal doctors, who diagnose various animal ailments, provide treatments to cure these diseases.



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