Fee structure of B.Sc in Chemistry


Chemistry is a subject that deals with the study of chemicals. The study includes not only chemicals but also the substances and their forms. The form along with the material with which they are made is also studied under this course. The origination of materials and their state along with the reason of the state is also studied under this course. Many phenomenons that occur in our surroundings are actually a part of this course.

This makes the course quite interesting. One can relate chemistry with almost each and every thing in out surrounding. Thus, one can also easily imagine the scopes of this great subject. B.Sc in Chemistry has wide scope for all the students who are thorough with the course. There are many arenas, where B.Sc in Chemistry graduates fit in best. That is why the course is prevalent amongst the students. Another reason that makes the course popular is it being so old.

Both private as well as government colleges offers this course to all the aspiring candidates. The fee of the private institutes is much higher than that of the government colleges, but the seats in the government colleges are less and limited.

The fee structure of the course generally lies in between Rs. 2400 to Rs. 9000 per year. The variation in the fee is because of the variation in colleges. Every college has its own fee slab and charges the students accordingly. That is why different colleges have different fee of B.Sc in Chemistry. The universities like University of Delhi, University of Pune, University of Mumbai, University of Calcutta, and many more universities offer this course to the aspiring candidates. The fee of University of Calcutta is approximately Rs. 2400, whereas the fee in university of Delhi is approximately Rs. 9000 per year. The Guru Nanak Dev University charges Rs. 24, 420 per year for this course whereas A.V.C College charges Rs. 4,050 per semester.

The above mentioned universities do have provision of granting reservation to the backward and lower caste students. However, there are few colleges which also offer fee relaxation, but maximum does not.



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