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What are the obstacles in delegation of authority?

responsibility and authority are equal.What are obstacles in delegation of authority?

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Default Re: What are the obstacles in delegation of authority?

Delegation:- Certain responsibilities are assigned along with the necessary authority through a superior to his sub-ordinate managers.

In other words, Work is assigned to the others and given them authority to do so.

Delegation of Authority:- This the process of one vital organisations. It is inevitable along with the growth and expansion of a business enterprise.

Three basic elements of Delegation of Authority:-

1) Sub-ordinates Assignment Duties.

2) Authority is granted to enable the sub-ordinates performance on assigned duties.

3) To create obligation on the part of sub-ordinate to perform duties in an orderly manner.

Objectives of Delegation of Authority:-

1) Excessive burdens on the superiors is reduced.

2) Growth and self-development opportunities is provided to junior sub-ordinates.

3) Organisation creates a team of matured and experienced managers.

4) Overall efficiency of the organisation along with individual are improved.

Process of Delegation of Authority:-

1) Stage 1- Duties assigned to sub-ordinates.

2) Stage 2- Authority transfer.

3) Stage 3- Assignment accepted.

4) Stage 4- Responsibility created.

Obstacles/Barriers of Delegation of Authority:-

1) Manager unwillingness of authority delegation.

2) Competition fear.

3) Lack of sub-ordinates' confidence.

4) Lack of directing ability.

5) Absence of controls that warn of coming troubles.

6) Managers' conservative and cautious temperament.

7) Desire to dominate sub-ordinates.

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