Government Jobs in Agro Based Industries


Agro-based industry includes companies that are involved in cultivation, under controlled conditions of horticultural and agricultural crops, inclusive of post-harvest operations on fruits and vegetables, cultivation of vegetables and floriculture.

This industry can otherwise be referred as an extended arm of the agricultural sector and the development of this industry can stabilize the agricultural sector and can make it more stable and lucrative in creation of employment opportunities not only at the production stage, but also at the marketing stage. In India, some public sector organizations are operating under the Agro-based industries sector and the names of these organizations are as follows:

Public sector companies in Agro-based industrial sector:

State Farms Corporation of India Limited

North Eastern Regional Agricultural Marketing Corporation Limited

National Seeds Corporation Limited

Andaman & Nicobar Industrial Forest & Plant Development Corporation Limited

Punjab Agro Industries Corporation Limited

In addition to these, most of the state governments in India have their own Agro Industries Corporation Limited as Punjab Agro Industries Corporation Limited.

Recent government job notifications in the Agro-based industrial Sector:

The following public sector organizations operating in the Agro-based industrial sector called for applications from eligible candidates for the corresponding positions given below:

Fertilizer Clerk – Punjab Agro Industries Corporation Limited

Finance Director – National Seeds Development Corporation Limited

Field Trainees - National Seeds Development Corporation Limited

Junior Mechanic Grade II - National Seeds Development Corporation Limited

Assistant Seed Officer - National Seeds Development Corporation Limited

Deputy Manager (Administration) - National Seeds Development Corporation Limited

Marketing Officer & Junior Engineer - State Farms Corporation of India Limited

Quality Control Assistant - State Farms Corporation of India Limited

Financial Advisor & Chief Accounts Officer - State Farms Corporation of India Limited

Chief Administrative Officer - State Farms Corporation of India Limited

What is the Educational qualification should I possess to find government jobs in Agro-based industrial sector?

Candidates who hold degrees and diploma in the field of agricultural and allied disciplines can find employment opportunities in government organizations in the Agro-based industries sector. Even candidates with other qualification are recruited by the public sector companies in this sector like Administrative Officer, accounts officer, etc… and therefore candidates from other educational fields can also find public sector jobs in this sector.

Future job prospects in agro-based industry:

Since agricultural industry and agro-based industry are inter-related and the development of one sector will have an impact on the development of the other and therefore agro-based industries sector will be able to create more and more employment opportunities.



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    Agro based studies courses available

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    My son is having following qualifications and work experience, pl. let me know whether he can get govt. job and which posts
    Qualification :
    B.E.( Engineering agriculture)
    M.Tech IIT Kharagpur in Farm Machinery and Power
    Work Experience :
    Assistant Manager ( Engine design Tractor ) Eicher Tractor-
    3 years
    Manager Investment Banking in ICICI Bank- 4 Years
    Manager Business Stretagy - 2 years

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    rohit lande:

    have you any apportunities in the seed company as well as pestides in agrobased..?