Growth of civil engineering- a boom in infrastructure


Infrastructure development in any country contributes to the economic development of a particular nation. Higher the infrastructure facilities higher will be the growth prospects. India is on the verge of change which can be observed on several basis such as higher standard of living, globalization, infrastructure expansion etc.

Civil Engineering Industry – an Overview

An important question being- whether these unprecedented growth is the result of the increase in Civil engineering sector?  Civil engineering as a discipline is engaged in the overall planning, designing, construction, and overall improvement of the various facilities prevailing in the industry. All this growth in a way enhances the social living structure of our country.

The Civil engineering discipline has been evolving and many new concepts are being introduced nowadays. Various facilities namely the roadways, bridges, buildings etc are the significant aspects in infrastructure. Every nation is being engaged in expanding its developmental aspects so as to survive with the competition with other nations. It’s a fact that a major chunk of investment is done in this area in the country which will change the very face of the nation as a whole. This is mainly made possible with the help of civil engineers.

Is growth aspect facilitated by Civil Engineers?

Presently, the demand for Civil engineering course is much higher because of the boom in this sector. Civil engineers are people who mainly deal with new ideas to develop infrastructure. Now days, the presence of private players in the industry has also been increasing the quality of work. Since the quality and the manpower facilities are sufficient, they are in a position to fulfill the national and international demand. Many new and modern projects relating to this sector have also begun. A job of a Civil engineer requires lot of experience in specific fields to meet the changing demands in this sector. Adequate efforts are from the part of the government is done for the speedy execution of the developmental projects in India. As there are adequate manpower in India, it is possible to achieve this objective.

A significant increase in the number of projects in this sector has come up partly because of the high quality work involved in it. As the industry is developing, it is creating in employment opportunities for skilled engineers. One cannot imagine a situation, with out the civil engineering sector in a country.

The concept of Civil engineering has to be clearly applied for the benefit of the people and society as a whole. Hence, one can come to a conclusion that Civil engineering helps in developmental activities is definitely true to a large extent.



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