Scope of Software Engineering apart from the IT industry


Each person will have certain idea regarding which job he need to take /which he will be good at. The criteria’s one may adopt for jobs may be different as some may regard as the nature of job as important, some may value the salary or growth prospects of a particular job etc.

Presently, IT is the core area which has its influence in all sections of the society. India is certainly regarded as the software hub which provides indigenous growth facilities in all respects. Certainly the future of this industry is very promising which can be witnessed as more and more people are opting in for software engineering courses. This is a domain which is in the forefront in all the business fields.

Scope apart from IT field

The recent trend has been that the software professionals are moving away from the IT industry to other jobs in various other prominent sectors. There are various other sectors which have been emerging which provide opportunities for software professionals. Most of these people rely or are search in jobs which are more creative and which may provide them better career prospects.

When we talk about the scope of the software professionals apart from the IT industry one of the significant aspects is that they have opportunities in almost all other fields. The opportunities are prominent in any fields with the technological advancements leading to presence of IT in every field. The emerging fields for software engineers nowadays are research & development, production etc.

Apart from these, numerous opportunities are also available in public as well as private enterprises in India. Some of the important sectors apart from IT field where in software engineers can try out for jobs are –

  • Banking sector
  • Defence
  • Automobile industries
  • Logistics
  • Robotics
  • Construction industries
  • Space Research organizations such as ISRO etc
  • Electronics and Data Communication
  • Academics – teaching field

Apart from these, many Multi national companies in India provide jobs for software professionals for development and testing of various software products. As a part of these, many have opportunities in foreign ventures that enable to explore new and advanced avenues. Software technology research is also an important segment which may not be the part of IT industry in general.

The software boom has affected the other prominent industries too which facilitated the job opportunities in that sector. The advent of new technologies facilitated the software professionals to explore new and modern technologies which are coming up.



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