Gujarat University, LLB, First Year, Environmental Law Papers


Environmental Law is a complex and interlocking body of treaties, regulation and status that operates the laws of interaction between humanity and the natural environment, toward the purpose of reducing the impacts of human activity. This course deals with the various laws of preserving the environment and the principles of environmentalism.

Paper Description:

The course deals with the integrated study of environmentalism, including ecology, stewardship, sustainability and conservation of natural resources and plants. LLB in Environmental law involves a detail study of the protocols and treaties in order to maintain protect and preserve the environment.  The course also deals with the customary international law. The norms of this law are followed in countries all over the Globe.

Frequently asked questions:

Some of the highlighted topics and frequently asked questions of First Year, Environmental Law Papers of Gujarat University are:

  • Protocols to protect and preserve environment;  roll of Supreme Court to protect environment.
    Define and discuss the concept of “Balance in Ecology”.
  • Under Air and water (prevention and control of pollution); Protocols to prevent air and water pollution, rolls of Central and State board on prevention of air and water pollution.
  • Define and explain sustainable development (in terms of various constitutional laws of sustainable development).
  • Forest reservation acts, National environmental tribunal, etc.

Paper pattern:

LLB, First Year, Environmental Law Papers of Gujarat University is a single section paper with a total of six to eight questions along with the sub parts. All these questions are long answer types and the first four questions are optional from which the candidates need to attend two questions.
The remaining questions comes with four to five sub parts which are also optional and depending upon the number of questions to be attempt, the marks is of each question along with their sub-part is given.
The total marks allotted to the paper are 100 and the total time given for its completion is three hours.

Recommended books:

International environmental law, by Edward J. Goodwin
Environmental Impact Assessment (theory and practice), by Peter Wathern

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