Higher Studies Options after B.Sc Nautical Science


The higher studies options those are available for students who have finished their graduate level studies in nautical science are quite ample. Those who are interested in jobs can also go into that area. More on the higher studies options at hand after B.Sc in Nautical Science is mentioned below.

Qualification Criteria for Higher Studies in B.Sc Nautical Science

The qualification needed by a person to go for the advanced level courses in nautical science is a graduate degree in the allied area. Aspirants also need to have a score of above 55 percent marks in their final examinations. The certification ought to be a from a IIT or any other Indian institution that has recognition. It is also mandatory that students also study English and secure more than 50 percent marks in this subject. Entrance examinations shall be carried out for the admittance of aspirants in the postgraduate level courses in nautical science.

Higher study options in B.Sc Nautical Science

Those who have finished their studies in the graduate level field in nautical science can go for the higher level courses, namely the M.Sc/M.E in Nautical science. Besides this, they can also opt for the Post Graduate Diploma in Logistics and Shipping course. One other program aspirants can consider is the Higher National Diploma in Nautical Science. A few other programs that can be chosen by aspirants consist of:

  • Certificate Course in Ship Wright (ship building and ship repairing)
  • Chemical Tanker Familiarization (CTF)
  • Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (FPFF)
  • General Purpose Rating (GP Rating)
  • Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS)
  • Graduate Marine Engineering
  • Higher National Diploma (HND) in Marine Engineering
  • Higher National Diploma (HND) in Nautical Science
  • M.E. Marine Engineering
  • Medical First Aid (MFA)
  • Oil Tanker Familiarization (OTF)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Marine Engineering
  • Post Graduate Programme in Maritime Law
  • Pre - sea Training for Diploma Holders (DME)
  • Pre - sea Training for Graduates (GME)
  • Ship Masters Medicare
  • Training of Trainers and Assessors Course (TOTA)

Career Opportunities after Higher studies in Nautical Science

Once aspirants finish their education in the 3-year nautical science program in addition to a certification of competency (second mate), they can join in any national or international shipping organization as the 2nd or 3rd officer. With experience as well as with the success in higher examinations such as the first mate (FG) & master (FG), aspirants shall get the certificate of competency (master (FG)) that entitles them to act as the captain in a ship of the merchant navy.

The competency examinations for navigating officers as well as marine engineers are carried out by the prestigious Ministry of Surface Transport together with the Directorate-General of Shipping (DGS), Mumbai.

In addition to this, aspirants can also find work with other private shipping firms. The remuneration of these professionals will be depended on their qualification and the number of years the have served in this field. The initial salaries shall be around Rs. 30,000/- to Rs.40, 000/- every month. Jobs for these professionals will also be available with firms of foreign origin. Here, the remuneration got by aspirants shall be much higher when compared to their Indian counterparts.



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    Kamlesh maharana:

    Sir i have completed my b.sc in nautical science from international maritime acamedy (chennai)..i dont find any private job pls help me out to find any job.

  2. 3
    Chukwu akumah:

    I have B.sc in Geography and regional planning,can i apply for a Pgd in nautical science

  3. 2
    Atmadeep Das:

    Is there any differnce in diploma leading to degree( nautical science) and bsc in nautical science. Will there be any problem if a person wants to pursue higher studies in nautical science with a diploma leading to degree certificate?

    Atmadeep Das

  4. 1
    Dhawal kumar:

    If I want to MBA after BSc. Nautical science, what are my options and which are the Colleges offering the courses?