How to prepare for CBSE 12th Financial Market Management Exam?


Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has introduced Financial Market Management (FMM) as one of the vocational courses. The topics included in FMM are accounting for business, introduction to financial markets, business process outsourcing skills, capital structure, and so on. The Financial Market Management Exam will be conducted by the CBSE on an external basis with the help of NSE and experts from the industry.

How to prepare if the Financial Market Management Model Exam was a failure?

First thing the students have to do is to set their mind to the ultimate goal of success and stop worrying. Model exam is not the end of everything. It is conducted to give the aspirants an idea about the pattern of the final board exam. After the models, the candidates would have got a rough idea regarding the portions they are weak in, with that, set up a new study plan and follow it systematically.

How to prepare if Financial Market Management Model Exam was a success?

The candidate has done a good work if they have succeeded in the exam. It’s not a very simple task to secure high marks in the model exam. With this spirit, proceed the learning sections. But remember not to be over confident. The candidates should concentrate more in the topics which they feel difficult. If necessary, they can modify the study plan and set up a new timetable.

Tips and Tricks to prepare for the Financial Market Management Exam

As the first and foremost step, the candidates should prepare a timetable. The timetable should be in such a manner giving emphasis to the important and difficult topics. Revise all the topics atleast 2 – 3 times. While studying, the candidates can write short notes which will aid for future references. If required the candidates can join any of the coaching centres. Some of the institutions also provide crash courses.

Prescribed Books for 12th Financial Market Management Exam

  • International Financial Management by Jeff Madura
  • Introduction to Finance: Markets, Investments, and Financial Management by Ronald W. Melicher and Edgar A. Norton
  • Fundamentals of Financial Management by Eugene F. Brigham and Joel F. Houston
  • Foundations of Financial Markets and Institutions by Frank J. Fabozzi, Franco G Modigliani, Frank J. Jones and Michael G. Ferri
  • Financial Management: Core Concepts by Raymond Brooks
  • Financial Market by B Hiriyappa
  • Financial Management by Chandra, Prasanna
  • Comprehensive Accounting for Business (Financial Market Management) by S A Siddiqui
  • Managing Risk in Financial Markets by Alysa V Shcherbakova

These reference books are available in all most all the popular book stalls. One can also obtain these via online as well. The candidates are advised to refer many books while studying. These books and guides will help them score high marks in the Financial Market Management final Exam.



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