How to prepare for CBSE 12th Engineering Graphics Exam?


Engineering Graphics is a subject that deals with technical drawing. The subject, included in CBSE 12th academic curriculum imparts knowledge on solid as well as plane geometry to students. Those students who intend to make a career in architecture or civil engineering can find this study as a stepping-stone to build up a strong base in technical drawing. Another intention behind the inclusion of such a subject in academic curriculum of Class XII is to develop strong skills in machine drawing. The knowledge in machine drawing and geometry helps the students to apply the same in technical and industrial aspects in their future career. This subject is also useful to those students who want to secure a job as draftsmen or Surveyor. This subject can act as groundwork for budding civil engineers, architects, designers etc. Engineering Graphics has wide spread applications in a variety of sectors. As the subject find practical application in industries and other related areas, the syllabus on Engineering Graphics for CBSE 12th students primarily, focus on practical drawing.

How to prepare if the Engineering Graphics Model Exam was a failure?

The main subjects included in the CBSE 12th Engineering Graphics syllabus are Isometric projections of solids, Machine Drawing, Drawing of Machine parts and Sectional view of assembly of machine parts etc. First of all the students must clearly understand the topics of study. The way to get thorough with the subject is by constant drawing practice. Try to practice drawing objects in 1st and third angle. The student must also practice drawing cross sectional pictures along with plane and elevation. They must possess clear knowledge in drawing standards and symbols. The student must try to view objects in their own imagination and to put in paper as drawing. Theoretical topics can be memorized better by creating short notes.

How to prepare if Engineering Graphics Model Exam was a success?

Even if the model exam was a success, the student has to go through the subject topics thoroughly before appearing final exam. At the time of exam, don’t jump to write answers by reading the question once. Students have to understand each question clearly before answering. For drawing type questions, proper imagination of the posture of the object is also required. The subject of Engineering Graphics mainly includes questions to sketch views of objects in different angles. So the students must imagine in the required way before answering these types of questions.

Tips and Tricks to prepare for the Engineering Graphics Exam

  • Every day Revision.
  • Selection of comfortable atmosphere for study.
  • Try to make short notes by including important points.
  • Practice  past years question papers of Computer Science Exam

Prescribed Books for the Engineering Graphics 12th Exam

Books by the NCERT are normally considered as the best book for the CBSE Engineering Graphics exams.  Other books on Engineering Graphics by major authors such as P. J. Shah can also be purchased from bookstores.



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