How to prepare for CBSE 12th Computer Science Exam?


In this era where computers are extensively used, the inclusion of the Subject Computer Science in the academic Syllabus of XII students is very useful. The knowledge in this subject can help a student to get a challenging career in the field of Information Technology in future. As each and every sector is getting computerized today, Information Technology can be considered as one of the hottest careers in India. Those students who intend a career in software can find this area of study as a stepping-stone to build up a strong base in programming languages. The main intention behind the inclusion of such a subject in 12-class student’s academic curriculum is to develop skills in problem solving. This subject can act as a base for the budding software engineers. The scope of Information Technology is not restricted to software development. It has wide applications in the areas of networking, database management, software testing etc. As the subject has got practical application in industries, the syllabus CBSE 12th students focus on practical education also.

How to prepare if the Computer Science Model Exam was a failure?

The main subjects included in the CBSE 12th Computer Science syllabus are Object Oriented Programming in C, Data Structures, Databases and SQL, Boolean algebra, and Computer Networks. First of all the students must clearly understand the topics of study.

Then they have to divide theory topics into divisions for convenience in studies. The only way to make familiar with programming languages is through practicing. Student can practice programming languages by writing codes initially. Then they can code simple programs themselves. After compilation, if there are any errors, try to correct them by referring textbooks. From simple programs, the student has to get into programs with loop structure, branching etc. Practicing sample questions of previous years can also help students to achieve success.

How to prepare if Computer Science Model Exam was a success?

Even if the model exam was a success, the student has to go through the subject topics thoroughly before appearing the final exam. At the time of exam, don’t jump to write answers by reading the question once. Student has to understand each question clearly before answering. For long type questions they should frame a structure of the answer first. Try to include the important points in the answer and the answers should be substantiated with examples.

Tips and Tricks to prepare for the Computer Science Exam

  • Students should revise every day.
  • Selection of comfortable atmosphere for study is very important.
  • Try to make short notes by including important points.
  • Practice  past years question papers of Computer Science Exam
  • Sleep well and eat well
  • Write and Present well in the answer sheet.
  • Never malpractice in Exam hall

Prescribed Books for 12th Computer Science Exam

Books by the NCERT are normally considered as the best source for the CBSE exams.  Some other Textbooks include Dhanpat Rai Textbook for Class 12; Computer Science C++ by Sumita Arora etc. A book on “C++ fundamental” by E. Balaguruswamy is another book for CBSE students which can provide basics of C++ in simple way.



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