How to Prepare For Group Discussion?


A Group Discussion is the best method to gauge the attitude as well as communication skills of a candidate. By this technique, institutes or organizations will be able to judge whether that particular candidate fits into the cultural setup or whether he will add to the existing culture.

Given below are a few points about the candidate’s personality that are brought out by the GD:

  • Ability to think on their own
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Assertiveness
  • Communication skills [ this encompasses listening, speaking and expressing]
  • Creativity
  • Flexibility
  • Initiative
  • Leadership skills
  • Reasoning ability

How to move toward a GD

  • Individuals ought to make sure that the time given prior to the opening of a discussion is used efficiently as well as judiciously.
  • Go through the topic or pay attention to the topic very carefully.
  • Spot the main idea as well as themes about the subject.
  • Write down the points understood by you and make an effort to structure them.

Different Part People Take Up During A GD

  • At the start of a GD, introduce the topic of discussion to everyone present.
  • Give everyone the opportunity to participate in the discussion.
  • Keep the discussion around the chief topic.
  • Question each other about the interpretations of materials.
  • Wind up the topic and summarize it before moving on to a newer topic.
  • Conclusion

Line of Attack You May Adopt In A GD

Going for a GD without a strategy will lead to problems. You can decide in the beginning itself what role you will adopt in a particular GD. This must be decided according to you comfort zone. Play to your strengths and make sure that your point of view from where you stand is understandable by the evaluator as well as the other candidates. These important things to be said when a GD is opened:

  • Talk about the topic of the GD very clearly.
  • To talk about the topic of discussion without ambiguity, make sure that you set certain boundaries.

Dos and Don’ts

  • There are some things that should be done without doubt and some things that must not be done at all. Here are a handful of pointers.
  • You must talk out loud and clear. This will ensure that everyone in the group listens to your ideas. But, never ever shout at the top of your voice. Apart from being downright rude, this will cause a very bad impression about you.
  • Never be arrogant when you talk with the others.
  • Participate in as many GD’s as possible. Make sure you are familiar with how to start talking and how to behave.
  • Make sure what you say is logical and applicable. Saying loads of things that doesn’t have any meaning is not important during a GD.
  • Be natural in your talk and walk. There is nothing more ludicrous than a person trying to be over smart.
  • Think matters over carefully before you address it out loud. Analyzing it will help you make fewer errors.
  • Speak clearly and slowly and permit others to understand what you are trying to communicate.
  • Never ever lose your cool. Stay objective and never take things personally.
  • Try to be a leader and give motivation to others.

One other thing that is to be always remembered by the aspirant is to remain polite no matter what are the circumstances. Never get angry when your point is objected. Give the opposition enough reasons about why you think your point is right. When speaking your point, bear in mind that the behavior you exhibit in front of others as well as the evaluator will confirm your position in that particular institution.



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    I applied for msw in tiss mumbai. ma GD/PI in 13th.I do not have more idea about GP topics.Is anybody give me some topics related with MSW especially Mental health .

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    how to select topics for project in zoology…