How to Prepare for TANCET Exam?


TANCET stands for Tamil Nadu Common Entrance Test and the examination is conducted by the Anna University with the authority issued by the Tamil Nadu Government for the purpose of admission of students to the professional PG courses offered by Anna University and its affiliated colleges including government and private colleges in the state of Tamil Nadu. The examination is being conducted once in a year.

Courses under TANCET:

TANCET score is taken into consideration for admission of students to the following PG courses:

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Computer Applications (MCA)

Master of Engineering (ME)

Master of Technology (M.Tech)

Master of Planning (M.Plan)

Master of Architecture (M.Arch)

Pattern of TANCET Examination

MBA: TANCET for MBA will be conducted for two hours duration and the question paper will be of objective type with each question carrying one mark and there will be deduction of 1/5th of mark for every wrong answer. TANCET MBA will have questions under the following categories:

Data Interpretation

Quantitative Ability

Logical Reasoning


MCA: Entrance examination for MCA admissions will be conducted for 100 marks. Each correct answer will carry 1 mark and 1/4th of the mark will be deducted for each wrong answer as well.

There will be questions under four sections mentioned below:

Quantitative Ability

Analytical Reasoning

Logical Reasoning

Computer Awareness

M. Tech/M.E./M. Arch/M. Plan: For these courses, TANCET examination will be conducted in three parts as given below:

Part – I  - Engineering Mathematics

Part – II – Basic Engineering & Science

Part – III – Specialization subject and candidates can choose their specialization from a list of 14 subjects offered under this category

Part I of TANCET for M. Tech/M.E/M. Arch/M. Plan admissions will have 30 objective type questions, Part II will have 45 objective type questions and Part III will have 40 multiple choice questions and for every wrong answer in this examination there will be a deduction of 1/4th mark.

How to prepare for TANCET Examination?

Here are some useful tips for candidates preparing for their TANCET Examination, irrespective of the course for which they wish to join:

Routine Time Table: Success in any entrance examinations like TANCET can be obtained only through sincere efforts and confidence. For putting sincere efforts, candidates will have to follow a routine time table right from the initial stage of their preparation to the TANCET Examination. While preparing the time table, candidates will have make sure that equal important is given to all subjects or candidates can also allot more time for preparing for a subject in which they are not that much confident

Study materials: When preparing for TANCET, candidates will have to focus on quality books meant for TANCET preparation and some of the reference books are:

‘TANCET MCA – Anna University’ by V.V.K. Subburaj

‘TANCET MBA – Anna University’ by E.S. Ramasamy

‘Quantitative Aptitude’ By R.S. Agarwal And S. Chand

“Reasoning Textbook’ By R.S. Agarwal And S. Chand

‘Numerical Methods’ by Srimanta Pal

Power System Analysis, T.K. Nagsarkar, M. S. Sukhija

Effective Time Management: Time Management is an important factor to be considered when practicing for TANCET Examination. While preparing, candidates should practice well in such a way that they can manage the allotted time in an effective manner since completion of the paper within the given time is highly mandatory instead of last minute rush of answering.

Practice with past papers: Practicing well is highly essential and if and only when the candidates practice with the previous years question papers like conducting mock test themselves so that they will be able to effectively manage to solve the paper easily within a timeline.

Beware of Negative marks: Since TANCET examination has negative marking for every wrong answer; candidates will have to be careful when answering the question. Thorough reading of the questions before answering is essential so that wrong answers can be avoided.

Genuine effort can bring success and all the best for candidates to get through TANCET examination by putting their effort right from the initial stage of preparation to justify the proverb in English “Practice makes man perfect”.



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