How to study Master in Agronomy (Plant protection) in Abroad?


Enormous opportunities are available to aspirants who wish to undergo master degree in Agronomy outside India. Many Colleges and Universities in European countries offer better infrastructure facilities along with proper training. Due to rapid industrialization, biotic system is exhausting day by day. Therefore, there arises the need to devise new methods and theories of plant protection to maintain biotic system in our environments. This subject makes students equipped with sufficient skills on agricultural biotechnology for plant protection. The academic curriculum also includes tissue culture, Chemical treatment on plants etc. Anyway, students have to pass exams such as TOEFL and IELTS to get an admission into foreign University.

Application Procedure for doing Master in Agronomy

The mode of submission of application for doing Master in Agronomy course is online or by post. Before online submission of the application, the applicant has to recoup a specific amount of fee through e-transaction methods such as credit cards or money order. There are relevant field in the application form to enter the GRE test score in the candidate. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) scores are required to be submitted for those aspirants whose mother tongue is not English.

Application Methods

Student can apply this course through any of the following methods

  • By filling in the online application form
  • By downloading and filling in the application form
  • By contacting the Admissions Office

Eligibility Criteria to apply for Master in Agronomy

Those aspirants who have completed bachelor degree in agriculture or an interrelated stream can apply for Master in Agronomy abroad. The students with a grade point average (GPA) of a minimum 3.0 on all subjects coming under bachelor degree are counted for final selection. Among these applicants, those aspirants with high academic performance are given top priority. The GRE score is also encouraged in the process of selection.

Exam Qualification Criteria for admission to Master in Agronomy

In the GRE exam, the student has to score an aggregate of 1000 marks from both verbal and Quantitative sections. Anyway, there is individual cut off for both these sections. The candidate has to secure 400 marks in each individual section. In the TOEFL test, the aspirant has to score a minimum of 550 marks in written exam. Besides this, the candidate has to secure 213 in the computer based TOFLE and 79 internet TOEFL (iBT). European countries also consider IELTS score as a selection criteria.

List of Colleges Offering Master in Agronomy

Few colleges and universities, which offer Master in Agronomy course, are

  • University of Minnesota
  • The Ohio State University
  • West Virginia University
  • Yale University
  • Universidad de Buenos Aires

Due to increased need in protection of plants and maintenance of agriculture, the relevance of graduate as well as postgraduate degree in Agronomy is very high. Many colleges and universities are offering these courses, which can also contribute to a bright career path to aspirants.



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