Indian Economic Service Exam General Economics- III papers


Topics taught in this paper:

The topics which are taught in this paper are basically related to the economy of the country. It mainly deals with the topics like taxation, globalization, market structure, industries and its growth, etc.

Division of the paper:

There are total three sections in this question paper as Section I, Section II and Section III. Section I contains short notes type questions, Section II contains short answer type questions and the Section III of the question paper contains long answer type questions.

Time and marks allotted:

The total time duration of the exam of this paper is three hours and the total marks carried by this paper is 200.

Paper Pattern:

The question paper contains a total of 13 questions in this paper which are divided into three sections. Section I of the paper comprises of only one question which is divided into 6 parts of which only 5 are to be answered. Each questions of this section carries a maximum of 7 marks with a word limit of 50 words. Section II carries a total of 9 questions of which only 7 are to be answered correctly. Section III of the paper contains long answer type questions with a total of three questions of which only two are to be answered.

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    hi i want become master in economics as well as i am desiring to pass Indian economics service,please can anyone of help me

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    pls sir send me previous 10 years papers of indian economic service.