Is GRE necessary to get admission for M.S course abroad?


Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a standardized test conducted for admission to graduation schools in English speaking countries. This examination is very necessary for aspirants having keen desire to pursue M.S course abroad. The main reason is that most of the foreign Universities consider the score of this examination for short listing candidates to M.S programs. Certain Universities like Kansas University, Virgina State University, East Stroudsburg University etc. in U.S give admission without GRE score. Even so, it is better to qualify GRE before pursuing M.S course abroad as having a valid GRE score could help during Visa interview also.

Procedure to join for a M.S course abroad

To join M.S course abroad, one should prove their quantitative ability and English proficiency. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and International English Language Testing System (IELTS) are world wide acclaimed English Proficiency Tests.

Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is another exam which tests the verbal ability as well as quantitative aptitude of aspirants. A good GRE score reflects the quantitative ability of students.

Thus the first step required for pursuing a M.S course abroad is to obtain an adequate GRE and TOFEL/IELTS score. Aspirants should ensure that their testing agencies have sent the test scores to the universities or colleges they are applying. They should submit their mark sheets too. Also, they should obtain reference letters from the professors of their college. US universities need maximum of 3 reference letters. Aspirants should prepare Statement of Purpose which describes why they are interested to pursue M.S course in a particular university. Financial documents should be submitted to prove that the aspirants are financially sound for pursuing M.S course.

Significance of Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

Graduate Record Examination (GRE) clearly tests the verbal and quantitative ability of aspirants compared to other standardized tests like SAT. As mathematical and analytical skills matters a lot for pursuing M.S course, GRE score can play a vital role in getting admission to M.S course abroad. Each section of this examination has its own significance to test the skills which influence the abstract thinking of aspirants.

  • Verbal Section - Comprehension, Critical Reasoning and Vocabulary usage are included in this section. Reading Comprehension and Critical Reasoning can test the overall English proficiency of aspirants. Verbal skills can be tested through Vocabulary usage section.
  • Quantitative Section - This section includes quantitative comparisons, problem solving items and data interpretation. Main objective of this section is to test the mathematical and reasoning skills of the aspirants.
  • Analytical Writing Section - Issue task and Argument task are there in this section. In issue task, aspirants need to write an essay on a given topic. But in argument task, they should write an essay which criticizes the given argument. Critical thinking abilities of the aspirants are primarily tested during this section.
  • Experimental/Research Section - Quantitative, Verbal or Analytical section will be asked in the experimental section while research oriented question will be asked in the research section. This section determines the extent of practical thinking in aspirants.

Another significance of GRE score is that it is considered for funding decisions in foreign universities. That is the aspirants can get scholarships for their studies if they possess adequate GRE score.



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    i have enrolled for MSc Computer Science in anna university,chennai.I would like to know whether i can study M.S. in USA after completing my MSc degree?

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