Preparation tips to score well in GRE exam


GRE, the gateway for aspirants seeking to pursue education abroad, in several English speaking countries needs to be cracked with great determination and willpower. From its inception, this exam has witnessed changes in its form and patterns. While the onus remains on the basics that evaluate the knowledge and skill that a candidate has in English, GRE has undergone an overhaul in the past year.

ETS officials confirm that the number of applicants for the GRE is going up. In this scenario questions about how to prepare for this test to get a good score is very much valid. A thorough preparation can go a long way in ensuring a good score. Preparation literally means readiness. The requirements to get into a good institution can only be met with meticulous preparation.

Tips to maximize the GRE score

The Basics

There are certain basic aspects you need look into before going into further preparation. The following details have to be internalised and put into practise first.

Understand what GRE is - Before applying, have a clear idea about the validity and level of emphasis of GRE in the college or university that you wish to study in.

Keep a lookout for the updates that GRE posts. For this you can visit its official websites. The following are the links to its websites:

GRE Website:

Register for the Revised General Test:

Revised GRE Test Centers and Dates:

GRE Revised General Test Score Reporting Schedule:

Prepare for the Revised GRE test:

Downloadable Materials (mostly PDF and MS Word files) to Help Students Prepare

PowerPrep II Software:

GRE Scoring Services:

Have a clear idea regarding the structure of the test. This includes knowledge about the following:

  • The sections
  • Score data
  • Length of the exam

And finally, talk with people who have successfully passed the GRE exam.

Preparing for the GRE Test

Various elements together contribute to the successful completion of the test. The different sections that are included in the test require different skills. Each of these needs to be developed to get the maximum score.

Preparation strategy for the Verbal Section


  • Start preparation atleast 4-5 months prior to the exam
  • Learn one to three words per day
  • Revise the words learned at the end of the day
  • Work on the word list

Reading comprehension:

  • Start by reading passages and try to comprehend the meanings
  • List out or keep in mind the possible questions that can be asked from the passage.
  • Repeat this exercise until you get a fairly good speed.

Critical Reasoning

  • Sharpen your critical faculty with constant reading
  • Keep a track of the time you take to complete the critical reasoning questions.

Preparation Strategy for the Analytical writing section

  • For solving Issue tasks you need to focus on time management as well as general awareness
  • You need to develop skills in building up arguments coherently if you want to do well in  Argument task essays.

Preparation Strategy for the Quantitative Section

  • Basic mathematics should be revised really well
  • Short cuts and tricks in problem solving can reduce the time taken
  • Data interpretation needs to be practised
  • Probability, Ratio-Proportion, Geometry, Permutations & Combinations etc are some of the areas to be studied

General tips and techniques

  • Avail maximum resources for GRE preparation
  • Books can provide a systematic outline for staring the GRE preparation. Choose the book wisely
  • Various software’s are available online that contains practice tests. Use these practice tests fo better performance and assessing your proficiency in various sections
  • Keep track of your performance and see the improvement
  • Be realistic about your skills and goals and work accordingly. Always keep an achievable goal
  • Work on your time management
  • Be systematic
  • If you feel additional help is needed or that you need prompting, enrol in coaching classes
  • Identify your weak areas and work on them

Above all, the candidate should have the confidence to work diligently. A Systematic preparation will help one to get through the exam easily.



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