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KPO is the newly emerged field that provides various job opportunities to the candidates. It ensures a long term job for the interested people with analytical skills and knowledge. The pay packages are higher compared to the BPO sectors. These sectors are working with the intention to provide employment to the various skilled people in India. These industries give numerous opportunities to graduates nowadays. For this kind of jobs the candidates have to undergo training. But those with good communication skill in English need not require this.

Job Streams in KPO

There are many areas related to KPO and they are:

  • Medical Services
  • Writing & Content Development
  • Learning Solutions
  • Research & Development
  • Business & Market Research
  • Animation & Design
  • Advanced Web Applications
  • Business and Technical Analysis
  • Network Management
  • Legal Services
  • Data Analytics
  • Intellectual Property (IP) Research
  • Training & Consultancy
  • Financial Consultancy and Services
  • Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

While committing this job, one must be careful in selecting the industry. They should choose the one that are more suitable for them. It will be helpful in developing their skills and knowledge in particular field.

Pay scale of the KPO jobs

KPO job recruitments are commonly seen in various metropolitan cities in India. The pay package for this job varies from Rs.8000/- to Rs.30, 000/- per month. It will be based on the person’s experience and skills. It will also depend on the complexity and responsibility in the job.

Pros about jobs in KPO

KPO jobs are emerging as the high priority jobs compared to the BPO jobs. There are many advantages in this field. KPO jobs provide knowledge services in various industries. Thus one can take advantage of this and acquire more knowledge in these fields and can develop their skills. This is a fast growing sector and it enables many opportunities for graduates. Also another one advantage is that one can learn foreign languages.

Cons about jobs in KPO

KPO jobs do not provide any job security to the professionals. The working hours are not stable at all. There will be night shifts also. Thus it will not be secure for the women who are engaged in this job. Sometimes they will have to commit more work even if their working time is less. The candidates must be alert while choosing this type of jobs.



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    Job Requirements:

    To get jobs in KPO we need to have good skills and experience with good achievements.Compulsory communication skills are needed.