Salaries after B.Ed


The teaching profession is one of the best professions nowadays. This profession is the most respected one among the society. The candidates who are interested in teaching profession must get a qualification in B.Ed. It can be done after B.A, B.Sc or B.Com. They are trained in various subjects according to their academics. There is a higher study option after B.Ed that is M.Ed. It can be done in any Indian Universities.

Salaries after B.Ed in Government Organizations

The candidates with B.Ed qualification can find opportunities in Government schools of various levels. At the entry level they are not given high pay packages. But after acquiring experience it is increased. For the fresh candidates, the salary will be around Rs.12000. If they are experienced then they will be given high packages according to their position. But it will not be more than Rs.25, 000. One can find jobs at various levels in teaching. Some of them will enter directly to secondary level teaching and some from high school and primary levels.

Salaries after B.Ed in Private Institutions

In addition to the government sectors there are many private institutions which takes in the B.Ed qualified candidates. The pay packages in private sector will vary from place to place and according to their management. Sometimes it will be even less than Rs.5000/-. But the experienced teachers can claim for high packages. It is usually seen that the teachers are paid less in private institutions. They can also enter in private tutorials and coaching institutes.

Remuneration after B.Ed for Private Practice in India and Abroad

The pay packages for qualified candidates for private practice in abroad vary from countries to countries. It is stated by the US’s BLS that the salary of a kindergarten and secondary level teacher varies around $47,040 to $52,500 a year. This is very high compared to their counterpart in India. The pay packages for teachers in private institutions are decided by the management heads. Thus it will vary according to the managements under various conditions. In India it will be around Rs.8000 to 20, 000.



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