List of Postgraduate Courses in Literature


The word Literature is an expression used to illustrate written or spoken material. Though it can be employed to describe anything from imaginative writing to more methodological or systematic works, it is most generally used to refer works of the creative imagination that includes works of poetry, drama, fiction, and nonfiction. Every now and then, a work may be barred based on its existing subject or theme such as romances, crime fiction, science fiction, horror, or fantasy. These elements which have all been excluded at one time or another from the fictional pantheon, and depending on the leading mode, may or may not come back into fashion. Literature is one of the many popular fields which students choose now days. There are many colleges in India which offers post graduation courses.

List of Post Graduate courses in Literature

  • MA English Language & Literature
  • MA Sanskrit Literature
  • M.A. Malayalam Literature
  • M.A. Hindi Literature
  • M.A. Tamil Literature
  • M.A. Arabic Literature
  • M.A. Linguistics Literature
  • M.A. Russian Language & Literature
  • MA German Language & Literature

Career Prospects

After the completion of the course in the field of Literature, a student can choose from a number of jobs, such as teaching, publishing, writing, advertising, research, translation, journalism and mass communication, freelance writing, international relations, visual communication, communication management, film editing and direction, library and information science etc. If they are interested in teaching, they can go for B.Ed and get jobs at schools and colleges as lecturers. They can also choose to become a scriptwriter or author. The Salary will vary according to the place where the candidates decide to join. Remuneration in the field of Literature depends mainly on the choice of field and quality of work done. There are both private and public organizations which take in graduates from Literature. They have their own policy concerning the payment of the professionals working in individual fields.



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    I have complleted my graduation in science and wish to study english literature further . how to go about it?

  2. 3
    mary street:

    hi there. i am pursuing an MA in english literature in Iran, and for PhD i would like to travel to India. unfortunately I cannot find any useful information about possible universities to study in, and how to register. your help is most appreciated in advance.

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    what can i pursue in my post graduation after doing my graduation in literature?

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    dr. Poonam Taori:

    I have a question here. How can I do PhD in english literature after B.D.S.