LLM Project Names and Ideas


Students can take up projects in a variety of topics related to the legal system. Aspirants in this field will have to work under seniors of the field to gain more insight on the project they wish to work on. LLM project topics cover insurance, rights, Fraud and policies etc. More details on the many projects available are mentioned below.

LLM Projects

Child Rights in the context of feminism - This project deals with the ethic of child care that can be applied to the context of the rights of children. One can delve deeper into the topic and find more details on feminism and children rights.

Global Depository Receipt - The Global Depositary Receipt is the certification that is issued by a depository bank that buys shares of international firms and deposits it on an account. It is possible for students to take up this topic as their project. It will also be necessary for students to work with a bank for the period they finish doing their project.

Post Contractual duty of Utmost good faith - This topic was first introduced in England by Lord Mansfield in 1766. This topic can also be taken as a project idea.

A few other topics encompass:

  • An Insight into Insider Trading Reflection of Emerging Issues
  • Banking Ombudsman Scheme and Its Achievements
  • Concept of Insurable Interest between Husband and Wife
  • Consequential Loss in Fire Insurance
  • Delay in Settlement of Insurance Claim.
  • Ethics of Recovery from Third Party in Subrogation
  • Financial Intermediaries with Special Reference to Risk Management Functions
  • Foreign Institutional Investors
  • Foreign Portfolio Investment
  • Fraud by Intermediary in Insurance Contract
  • Futures and Options in Money Markets
  • Group Insurance Policies
  • Hedge Fund and Its Implication on Capital Market
  • Impact of Derivatives on Market Volatility
  • Introducing an Statutory Definition of “Insurance”
  • Monetary and Credit Policy of the Reserve Bank of India
  • Non-Disclosure and Breach of Warranty in Insurance Contract
  • Offences against Children: Suitable Legal Remedies
  • Operation of Specialized Accounts by the Banker
  • Policies and Perceptions of Insurance Law in 21st Century
  • Policy of Principles of Insurable Interest in Insurance Contract
  • Portfolio Manager -An Emerging Strategy for Excellence in Mutual Fund
  • Pros and Cons of Participatory Notes in Indian Security Market
  • Right To Family Environment: Issues And Problems Of Adoption In India
  • Right to Food: ICDS And Beyond
  • Role of Insurance Agent in Insurance Contract
  • Role of Merchant Banker in Corporate Finance
  • Scope of Participation Rights of Children: Law and Practice
  • The Concept of ‘Children’s Court’: Meaning and Utility
  • Traveler’s Cheque
  • Venture Capital Fund

Choose the Industry

Students of LLM can opt to do their projects with many different industries. Banks, private firms, insurance agencies etc take in students as to help them do their projects. Most of these sectors also provide aspirants with a wide range of career opportunities. Any of the given industries can be selected by them to do their projects as per the choice of the students or according to the requirements of the firm that have taken them in. Aspirants can take up projects from Business Houses, Newspapers, Sales Tax and Excise Departments and even News Channels.



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