MBA HR Project Names and Ideas


Students who are doing MBA HR specialization can do a project of their own which will expand the knowledge and skills of the candidate in the similar field. This will also give the candidate a real life experience in the Human resource area.

Final year Project Names and Ideas

Benefits and Compensation

This project will give the students an in-depth idea on how and why companies make certain salary, healthcare or retirement options available to its employees. Students can also get a hand on experience on how to reward employees, motivate employees etc.

HR Information Systems

Human Resource Information or Management Systems (HRIS or HRMS) assist HR departments to hold on to personnel and payroll data in one place. Installing an HRIS system requires groundwork of a master file that enclose all employee names, addresses, Social Security numbers, direct deposit information and health care premium deductions etc.


An MBA project focused on the payroll phase of HR, possibly can focus on arranging paychecks, calculate time worked, identify problems, distribution wages or relocation deductions and overtime payment etc. Candidates, who are skilled in statistics, can also spotlight the project with formulas for pay increases, tax issues, deductions etc.

Recruiting & Hiring

Doing a project in Recruiting and Hiring will help the candidate to develop an interest towards a company’s human recourse needs in general. The focal point of the project will include aspects like job announcements or career fairs, talking to various recruiters’ etc. Candidates will also get exposed to creating job profiles and listing out basic qualification ns eligibilities for each post.

Recruitment and Retention

This project mainly deals with the recruitment of fresh employees and withholding of current ones as a part of the essential function of a business. An HR representative develops incentive programs, effective HR recruitment and retention programs etc. This also includes generous vacation and bonus packages etc.

Some other topics for doing project

  • Attrition or Retention
  • Compensation Management
  • Competency Mapping
  • Employee Research
  • Employee satisfaction and surveys
  • Group Dynamics
  • HRM Policy
  • Human resource information system
  • Job Enrichment
  • Labor Laws, Labor Relations and Grievance Handling
  • Leadership Development
  • Management Development
  • Motivation and Stress Management
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Organizational design and governance
  • Payroll & Salary components
  • Performance appraisal
  • Performance appraisal at different levels across the organization hierarchy
  • Performance Management System
  • Performance measurement
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Role of HR in TQM
  • Skills management
  • Succession management
  • SWOT Analysis of HRM in various Sectors
  • Talent identification and Management
  • Team building
  • Training and Development
  • Utility of HR in Change Management

Choose the Industry

HR is applicable in almost all the companies irrespective of the industry it operates. A student can approach various industries which have an HR or Administrative department for doing a project. Some of the sectors include manufacturing industries, health care sectors, KPO’s, BPO’s, ITES, and almost all type of companies.



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    Iam doing MBA in Anna University. i want to do main project in HR. I had choosen a company they granted permission in HRMS. pls tell some effective and interesting topics in HRMS

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    I am doing Corresponding MBA, Plz suggest me which subject in Hospital for project.



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    I am doing Correspondence MBA, in which i have to submit Project based on the Specialization ie.. HR.
    Please suggest me how to work on it,,
    About me i have experience in HR as HR admin, Which includes Adminstration, payrolls, recruitment, induction, Joining and exit formalities,Preparing reports of targets given to Consultants quaterly, performance appraisal, preparing policies, terms and conditions..

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    mary shebin.p:

    questioneries for utility of hr in change management(to do project)

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    are there any co. in Hydrabad which provide internship to first year BMS students in summer vacations ( April - one month) in HR/Marketing

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    are there any companies which provide internships to S.Y.BMS students in vacations in HR department