Civil Services Examination: Management (Paper I) Papers


Civil Services Examination is the entrance to the most reputed jobs of our country. This prestigious examination is also considered to be one of the toughest in India. There are two stages in the exam- Prelims and Mains. The candidates only after clearing the prelims exam can sit for Mains. The questions in prelims exam are all objective type whereas in Mains the questions are all subjective ones.

In mains exam there are lots of papers and candidates are given liberty to choose papers of their interest. Candidates who find themselves strong in Management go for Management Papers.

Management (Paper I) Description

Maximum Marks and Time:

The time allowed to take the test is three hours and the maximum marks are 300.

Division of the paper:

There are two sections in the paper. Both the sections contain equal number of questions i.e. 4. One question is compulsory from both the sections, question 1 from Section A and question 5 from Section B.

Outline of the Paper

The management paper of civil services is divided into two sections. Both the sections have four questions each. Each of the questions is of 60 marks. So students have to answer five questions in all. Question numbers 1 and 5 are mandatory. For the remaining three the students are free to choose from the question paper, and they have to choose at least one question from each of the sections. The 60 marks of each question have been divided into smaller questions. The first and fifth question can be expected to be a short notes writing question. Tremendous amount of labor in the correct direction is required to crack the civil services examination.

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