University of Pune- B. Tech 1st Semester- Basic Civil and Environmental Engineering Papers


University of Pune is one of the very famous and renowned universities of the country. This university provides the students with a better prospect in the field of engineering. The basic civil and environmental engineering was introduced for the under graduate students of this university. This course focuses on how to put up various construction projects without or with minimal harm to the environment.

Paper description:

Civil engineering mainly focuses of the study of various types of constructions, designs and their maintenance. But, this course deals with conveyance of primary knowledge of civil engineering and introducing various new techniques of constructions as well as automations in constructions which will lead to no harm for the environment.  They input latest machineries and techniques which not only save their time but also cause least harms to the surrounding atmosphere and environment.

Frequently asked questions:

There are very few questions that appear every year in this paper. Some of them along with some important topics are as follows:

Explain oxygen sag curves and various questions on oxygen sag curves.

Differentiate between end bearing pile and friction pile.

Questions on raft foundation, back site reading, fore site reading and intermediate site reading.

Explain with diagrams; Digital theodolite and digital planimeter.

Compare load bearing, framed structure and composite structure.

Paper pattern:

Basic Civil and Environmental Engineering Papers of Pune University comprises of two major sections, section 1 and section 2. The entire paper comprises of 12 questions.

Section 1 consists of long answer type questions and a total of six questions. The students need to attempt three questions out of the six. Every question of this section comes with sub-parts and the marks allotted to every question are sixteen. The entire section holds 48 marks.

Section 2 consists of another six questions from which the students need to attempt only three. These are also long answer type questions and each question holds sixteen marks, except Q 11 and Q 12. It is compulsory for the candidates to attempt any of those two questions. These two questions holds eighteen marks and the total section have 52 marks.

Marks and Time Allotted

The entire paper consists of 100 marks questions and the time for its completion is 3 hours.

Recommended books:

  • Environmental engineering by Powell
  • Construction methods and management by Stephens Nunally
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