Masters in advertising


Advertisement is the need of the present era, as without it, it is hard to do for any company. It is said that in this modern time, anything is useless if it is not commercialized. Commercialization is extensively important for every company and that is what is done in order to gain maximum business.

For excellence in this commercialization, one requires these degrees such as master in advertising. Under this degree, the students are taught various ways in which one can commercialize the product in much better way. Under the course the principles and trends of the markets and products are studied minutely in order to get the students the best possible knowledge in the subject. Under this course, the students are taught the best methods of advertisements of the products or company.

One needs to have a bachelor’s degree in order too pursue the course of Masters in Advertising. The degree can be of any recognized institute or university of India.

Course Outlook:

The course duration of this course varies from university to university. Few universities offer this course in 2 years whereas few offer this course for duration of one year only.

Job Prospects:

There are plenty of jobs for those completing the degree of Masters in Advertising. Many companies are hiring people with masters in advertising degree to improve and innovate the marketing strategies of their company. Even more and more advertising companies are coming up, which are providing job with lucrative salary.

Best Places to Pursue:

* Jadavpur University

* University of Calcutta



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